We always want that our outside everything is perfect but everything outside cannot be perfect. Our state of mind depends on the situation. If the situation changes, then our state of mind changes. So it is like that as the situation changes, the state of mind also changes and This happened repeatedly. If someone asks you when you were most happy? and then you answer, I came the first rank in the exam, then I was happy or my job was done, then I was very happy. then this is not your happiness this is your life’s important day.

Meaning of Happiness

Always be happy is the first condition to live happily
  • So the Definition of happiness is when I am stable, the situation may be turbulent, but a state of mind is stable.
  • Happiness is within us happiness is not outside.
  • We seek happiness outside, someone praises us, someone says two words good about us, we feel good, if someone speaks bad, we are sad it happened, so always remember don’t depend on the situation for your happiness. if we want to be happy, then our state of mind must be stable. when we are angry at someone, who is the first person to experience it? We.

Art of Happiness

Always be happy is the first condition to live happily
  • if our state of mind is getting affected by situations and people if that is our way of living then we cannot be happy always. So don’t depend on others for your happiness.
  • give yourself a gift, separate two things, situation and my state of mind have absolutely no connection.
  • If the connection is to be kept then the connection will be that my state of mind, influence the situation.
  • Do not depend on the situation and people’s behavior to be happy.

How to control the situation to be happy

Always be happy is the first condition to live happily
  • look at the nature everything that gives, we worship it, we worship Sun, water, Tulsi, cow why do we worship because they all give to us .the one who gives is worthy of worship. who are we? And we are also givers .when we give, it flows from us to the outside. when it will flow from us outside. We will experience it .energy we create and we radiate and when we create and radiate, who is the first person who will experience it? We. The one who created anger will definitely get it. The one to whom we give – they have a choice whether to take it or leave it. But the one who created it has no choice. So the energy that I am going to create who is the first person to get it? Myself.
  • God teaches us a very beautiful line. Whatever you want for your self, keep giving it to others. It is in giving, that you receive. It means when you give something, who is the first person going to get it? Me. So when I give anger to somebody who is the first person to get it? Me. When I give acceptance, love, and respect to somebody. Who is the first person to get it? Me. So I don’t want it from there. I get it while I am giving it to them. So don’t stand or react like this, Give me love, respect, trust, understand me, be according to my way, listen to me, obey me right now, don’t expect like this. This is how much we are allowing situations to control us, this is it.

Develop some skills to be happy

  • Do not allow the mind to go anywhere where is not needed.
  • Always believe in yourself. Trust yourself.
  • Don’t depend on others’ opinions.
  • Don’t expect anything from anyone. Always be positive.
  • Do not depend on others for your happiness, find your happiness in yourself, in your thoughts, in helping someone, in doing good deeds, in thinking well.
  • And always remember this happiness comes from sharing, happiness grows by sharing. Happiness is not outside happiness is within you.
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