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Ardh means half and Dhanur means bow. By practicing Ardha Dhanurasana, our body is motivated and ready to do complete Dhanurasana.

How To Do Ardha Dhanurasana?

Ardha Dhanurasana How To Do? Benefits And More

(1) For the practice of Ardhadhanurasana, lie down on your stomach in your place.

(2) After lying on the stomach, join both the legs and keep the claws out.

(3) Take the left hand above the head, that is, the left arm will be extended forward and the palm should be facing down.

(4) Bend the right knee and hold the heel with the right hand.

(5) Raising the knee off the ground, pull the entire thigh. From the front, you will lift the neck and hands above the ground, while filling the breath.

(6) For as long as you stay, the speed of breathing continues normally, and then slowly you will come back to the normal position.

(7) Now keep the right hands forward. Bend the left knee. The left hand will hold the heel. While inhaling, lift the knees, neck, chin, and hands above the ground keeping the entire elbow straight. And keep the body stable in this position. Slowly you will come back to the normal position.

Know More About Ardh Dhanurasana

Ardha Dhanurasana How To Do? Benefits And More
1NameArdha Dhanurasana, One-legged Bow Pose, Half Bow Pose
2Preparatory PosesMakarasana
3Follo up PosesPawanmuktasana , Shirshank Asana
  • By its practice, the body becomes capable of doing Dhanur posture.
  • We will practice this two to three times and each time for 15 seconds to 50 seconds, we can normally keep the body in the hold.
  • Immediately after its practice, practice Pawanmuktasana or Shirshank Asana.
  • During the exercise, you will feel all the stretch on both the thighs, on the stomach, on the chest, on the neck, in the front muscles of the shoulders.

Benefits Of Ardha Dhanurasana

Ardha Dhanurasana How To Do? Benefits And More
  • Now if we talk about the benefits, then its practice is beneficial for the spine.
  • This practice protects the back from the ill effects of sitting all day.
  • Deterioration of the size of the reed bone or having pain in the back, this practice also benefits in that problem.
  • Due to its practice, all the stretch falls on the throat, due to which the internal glands and muscles of the throat become flexible and active and can do their work properly.
  • A stretch is created over the lungs, due to which the full expansion of the chest of the lungs occurs. As a result, the respiratory system improves. The lungs are able to do their work by becoming more efficient.
  • The blood vessels around the heart open so that the blood can flow properly to the heart.
  • Due to the stretch generated over the upper muscles of the thigh, this muscle becomes flexible, healthy, and strong.
  • Due to pressure on the stomach, due to the weight of the body, and due to stretching, the internal organs of the body are activated and able to do their work properly.
  • Its practice is beneficial for an enlarged stomach and also in problems related to the digestive system.
  • It can also be practiced in the problem of neck pain and cervical spondylosis.


  • Take care of some things as precautions, if there is any serious disease related to stomach and back, if there is any serious disease related to heart, in the problem of ulcer, hernia, and if there is any serious disease related to knees, the problem of high blood pressure don’t practice it. Or practice it after consulting a doctor or a yoga teacher.

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