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Hello, today we will know about Ardha Salabhasana. Learn more about this asana method, precautions, and benefits. Not everyone can do this asana. A little tough. so to make it easier, another simple form has been found. It is called Ardh Salbhasana. Since this asana is easy to do, everyone can do it easily. After studying Ardh Salbhasan, Purna Salbhasan can be studied easily. (Ardha Salabhasana (Half Locust Posture) How to Do?)

Ardha Salabhasana (Half Locust Posture)

In Sanskrit, Salabh means locust. Salabh is a Sanskrit word. Which means Patanga or grasshopper in Hindi. When we do this asana, our body looks like a locust. Hence this asana is called Salbhasana.

Steps | Ardha Salabhasana (Half Locust Posture) How to Do?

Ardha Salabhasana (Half Locust Posture)
  • To do this asana, first, you have to come in Makarasana’s posture.
  • For which you lie down on the floor and keep your feet away from each other.
  • Place your forehead on your palms.
  • And relax the body.
  • Now moving forward from Makarasan, join your two legs together.
  • Now put both your hands near your body in such a way that your palms are facing towards the sky or Place both hands below the thighs. and your chin is touching on the ground.
  • Then take a deep breath, hold your breath, tighten your right leg from the knee, and raise it to 30 cm. The toes are very stretched.
  • While doing Ardh Salabhasan, keep in mind that while moving the legs up, the feet do not have to bend from the knees.
  • Keep the knee straight and the paw taut.
  • Hold this position for 5 to 30 seconds.
  • And now slowly bring the legs down and exhale.
  • Do the same action again with the other leg.
  • This asana can be done 6 to 7 times.

Benefits of Ardha Salabhasana

Ardha Salabhasana (Half Locust Posture)
  • This asana is very helpful in expelling feces accumulated in the intestines.
  • This asana cures back pain.
  • Reduces excess fat on the knees, hips, waist, and abdomen very quickly.
  • This asana gives a very beautiful exercise to the abdomen.
  • The kidney, liver are activated by this.
  • The nerves of the testicles become stronger.
  • Constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, obesity, acidity, as well as stomach and intestinal disorders, are cure from this asana.
  • With the practice of this asana, the disease of hemorrhoids, the disease of the soles of the feet, the disease of the inner tail is eradicated.
  • The Ardha Salabhasana makes your lower back stronger.
  •  And Half-Locust Posture stimulates the pelvic organs. 
  • It regulates your blood pressure.
  • And exercises circulatory, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive system.


variation of pose
  • As a precaution, keep in mind that if there is any disease related to hernia, ulcers, and heart, it should not be practiced.
  • Those who are suffering from intestinal problems, please do not practice this asana.

Know More

How to do yoga?
1SanskritArdha Salabhasana
2EnglishHalf-Locust Posture
3Pose LevelBeginner
4Pose TypeBack Bend and Stretch
5Timing5 to 30 seconds

Yoga is for body, mind, and soul.

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