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Now today we are going to discuss Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage. If you want to know about Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage then you are in the right place. Generally, we know that Youth is a very beautiful time in our life, in this state, with the strength in the arms and the desire to make something big in the mind, the eyes are beautiful and tender dreams of the future and in this state, there is love that develops within the human being. On seeing someone, the mind becomes enamored with him and then the person is ready to sacrifice everything on their love, then love culminates in marriage, but from here most of the protests between parents and children begin. it happens.

Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage

The child feels that his chosen life partner is suitable for him and the parents feel that the child is inadvertently making a mistake. The logic of a child is that he has the right to marry whom, and the logic of the parents is that even now the understanding of choosing a partner is not in the child. So how to cut this barrier and how to make appropriate decisions. it is the only way to know your responsibility and to know the parameters of your elders.

Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage

Before getting married, it is important to know that marriage is not only the way to get your love, but marriage opens a new door of life and every new life also has new responsibilities and if you understand these responsibilities and decide If you go, trust that your married life will be full of joy and you will never regret that you took an unfair decision.

Types and meaning of Marriage

Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage
  • There are so many types of marriage, arrange marriage, love marriage, and court marriage.
  • There is love marriage and arrange marriage in our society, Love marriage means that two people like each other and decide to live a long life together, they are related to each other’s feelings, they respect each other and so they spend the life of marriage with each other. they find their life partner their own way and decide to marry, it is called Love Marriage from where both the people themselves choose their life partner.
  • Some people think that the arrange Marriage is better because the life partner you find in the arrange Marriage is in your identity or are in the Identities so that if there is any problem in the marriage then the problem can be solved in a family manner To be. And some people believe that for ladies arrange marriage is better for their safety.
  • In the arrange marriage, the elders prefer life partners for children and then introduce them both.

What is marriage?

  • Marriage means connecting with each other and connecting with the family. Marriage is arranged and accepted in society but what is marriage really? The person who spends his life marrying in front of society. In my point of view, Marriage is the acceptance of the mind, the acceptance of the soul.
  • Marriage arrangements have been made for the smooth running of the social system. Marriage is when any two souls love each other from the heart, from the depths of the soul, want to connect with each other, want to be happy with each other, it can be called marriage. When two souls feel emotion and trust towards each other and Accept each other from the depths of the soul and Accept each other wholeheartedly, respect each other and also respect their relationship, they accept each other’s family. So it is rightly called marriage. The feeling can never be intentional, but it arises from the depths of the soul from nature.

Thing to keep in mind to make your relationship smooth – Arrange Merrage Vs Love Merrage

  • If the parents disagree with you, then the reason behind it is the immense love towards their children. Children should understand this.
  • And parents should understand that they have to give their children so much love and understanding of relationships. And give a loving atmosphere at home so that children do not fall into the wrong company. At an age, parents should play the role of the children’s friends, philosopher, and guide so that the child can speak his mind freely to you.

Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage

Arrange Marriage
  • According to the general view, both are good because the person,
  • having the same selection, they prefer what they want.
  • Both Arrange and Love Marriage are having problems.

Love Marriage

 Love Marriage
  • The big problem in love marriage is that both have to conceive their parents first. If their parents agree then they are a very lucky couple.
  • Love marriage makes a strong bond between the couple because they already know their feelings, behavior, character everything so they easily adjust their life.
  • Generally in love marriage, there is no religion or caste or language barrier in love marriage we marry for the right reason and we don’t marry just because of if a person has a lot of money or a house or a car.
  • Sometimes it is seen that most of the relationships do not last due to over-expectation.

Arrange Marriage

  • Couple gets strong support from their family to Arrange Marriage.
  • In the Arrange marriage, the two couples do not know each other.
  • And they do not recognize, so it takes time to understand them.
  • If there is a problem in the marriage life of both in this family members can guide them.
  • The family members of both help and support them in solving their problems.
  • Generally, Arrange marriage offers more security and protection to the woman.
  • Ritual gets married Both families are happy and this is a long-lasting relationship Mostly seen.
  • Older elders take more appropriate decisions for children from their experiences.

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