Today’s topic is Basic Elements of Natural Healing. Unhealthy and inedible food, irregular living, narrow-mindedness, and deceitful behavior are the causes of various diseases. No medicine can cure these diseases permanently. The drug suppresses one disease for a short time and causes another disease in a short time. Therefore, if the common people escape from the bondage of these drugs and make their diet pure, live regularly, think generously and behave lovingly, they will always be healthy, satisfied, and happy. (Basic Elements of Natural Healing)


Basic Elements of Natural Healing

If a person understands some things, he can stay healthy forever. The main cause of most diseases nowadays is muscle weakness and mental stress. Prayer increases confidence brings fearlessness, brings peace of mind, and relaxes the nerves, thus preventing and relieving neurological and mental ailments. The rule of prayer at night-rest protects from insomnia and nightmares. Similarly, ‘Shavasana’ is also beneficial in preventing diseases caused by mental stress. (Basic Elements of Natural Healing)


Basic Elements of Natural Healing

The rule of pranayama keeps the lungs strong and protects them from mental and physical diseases. Pranayama is the key to living a long life. If auspicious contemplation is done with pranayama, both mental and physical diseases are prevented and cured. Pranayama should be done by paying attention to the parts of the body which have pain, weakness, and disease. When pure air is inhaled through the nose, one should think that the health-enhancing air of nature reaches where I am in pain. Hold your breath for half a minute and gently move the limb, meditating on the affected area. When exhaling, one should feel that ‘the disease is coming out in the form of dirty air from the afflicted limb and I am recovering. Regular practice of ‘OM OM OM’ is very helpful in recovery.

Rules (Basic Elements of Natural Healing)

  • It should take twice the time to exhale the air slowly than the time taken to inhale slowly.
  • Holding the breath inside is called ‘Abhyantara Kumbhaka’ and holding the breath outside is called ‘Bahya Kumbhaka’.
  • The patient and the debilitated person should do both internal (Abhyantara Kumbhaka) and external (Bahya Kumbhaka) Kumbhaka.
  • If you can’t hold your breath for half a minute, hold it for two to five seconds.
  • Doing external and internal Kumbhak five-six times in this way gives wonderful help in vascular purification and healing.

Swadhyaya (Basic Elements of Natural Healing)

  • Swadhyaya means the rule of studying Satsahitya in life, keeping the mind calm and happy, helps to keep the body healthy.

The basic premise of health is restraint

The basic premise of health is restraint. Loss of health is also achieved by simply improving the diet in a sick state. Even precious medicine without restraint does not benefit. A person who lives in moderation does not even need medicine. Where there is restraint there is health and where there is health there is joy and success.

  • Eating without appetite, often subdued by taste, is called incontinence, and eating a healthy diet as required by the rule is called restraint.
  • Taste slavery is a deadly enemy of health.
  • Frequent overeating causes indigestion, anorexia, constipation, dysentery, whooping cough, headaches, colic, etc. However, if we do not understand the importance of restraint, we will get lifelong weakness, sickness, and despair.

Change your eating habits to stay healthy

Change your eating habits to stay healthy
  • Improving eating habits is essential for staying healthy.
  • In place of maida and finely ground flour, one should be used wheat flour without sifting. Pure ghee should be used instead of vegetable ghee, if possible sesame oil (peanut and peanut oil are not good for health), rock sugar or plain jaggery, and honey should be used instead of sugar. The fresh sauce should be used instead of pickles, milk, butter, dried fruits, etc. should be used instead of eggs-meat, etc. to protect the body from many diseases.
  • In this way, you can avoid many diseases by avoiding the consumption of drugs like tea, coffee, alcohol, beedi, cigarettes, and tobacco.
  • Avoid sweets such as bazaar sweets, gold and silver foil sweets, cold drinks like Pepsi Cola, ice cream, and chocolate.
  • Use earthenware, porcelain, glass, steel, or tinned brass utensils instead of aluminum utensils in cooking and meals.
  • Foods made in aluminum utensils invite many diseases such as TB, asthma, etc. Beware of.
  • Exercise, sun exposure, massage, and proper rest also protect against many diseases.

By adopting some of the above things in life, human beings are saved from all diseases. And sometimes even if you get sick, you get health benefits immediately.

Basic Elements of Natural Healing

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