Bol Chauth Vrat Katha: Importance History and Rituals…Let’s see it. People worship cows and calves on this day. And Hindu mythology says that there are 33 crore gods in the cow. And thus, it is the duty of human life to protect innocent lives. We understand here the importance of cows and calves.

Bol Chauth Vrat Katha: Story

Bol Chauth Vrat Katha: Importance History and Rituals
  • It was the month of Shravan. It was the Vad Chauth (fourth) of the month. The mother-in-law said to the newly married daughter-in-law that day. I go to a bath on the river. You should mill a ‘Ghauulo’. but daughter -in -law make a mistake in understanding what her mother-in-law said. Ghauulo is the name of grain wheat. Wheat is grain. The bride was asked to prepare flour from wheat. There was a calf called Ghaulo at their house. But the bride accidentally smothered the cow’s calf, which name was called ‘Ghaulo’. When the mother-in-law returned home, she asked her daughter-in-law why she couldn’t see the calf. It was then that the bride had accidentally bent the calf called ‘Ghaulo’.The mother-in-law cried when she heard her daughter-in-law’s words. She said to the bride ‘What did you do? If the cow does not see its calf, then she will be in a state of sighing. Then the mother-in-law began to pray to God in tears. The mother-in-law was very intelligent. She tells her daughter-in-law to put it in the forest. The cow would reach in the forest. and cow threw a swell and the calf stood up. The mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law worshipped the calf as they returned with the cow. The bride asked her mother-in-law, “How did the calf survive?” The mother-in-law said, “The effect of today’s ‘Bol Chauth Vrat’.
  • Since then, the Scriptures have forbidden the consumption of wheat and cow milk for one day. Since then, cows have been worshipped with the calf. Man has done it for his own good. And since then the villagers decided that no one would eat food on this day and that they would be fasting on this day and that cows would be worshipped.
Bol Chauth Vrat Katha
  • Another belief is that if a cow gives birth to a baby calf, it is celebrated as their milk brings money to the house and if the cow gives birth to the calf, it is sent to the slaughterhouse. Like a man, the animals have the right to live.
  • Another legend is that there is a cow named ‘Bahula’ who goes to feed his calf from the forest to her home. Then the cow finds a lion in front of her on the road. Lion prepares to eat it. The cow then tells the lion that my calf is hungry at home and waits for me. I’ll feed my calf and come to you to have your food. The lion lets him go. The cow feeds its calf and returns to the lion. The lion sees this commitment of the cow and lets the cow this story shows the love to her calf and commitment.

How to celebrate it? Ritual of It.

Bol Chauth Vrat Katha: Importance History and Rituals
  • Bol Chauth Vrat is known as Vad Chauth and it falls on Month of Shravan.
  • There are Some Rules for this day which should follow such as :
    • fasting, worshipping cows and calves, not eating wheat grains, not eating peeled grains, etc.
Cow and Calf

‘Ball Chauth’ is of great importance in Gujarat. And the farmer community performs this fast with joy. And Lord Krishna is also very fond of cows. Lord Krishna has a lot of names like Gopal, Govind, Giridhari, Ran Chhod, etc. We all remember Lord Krishna on that.

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