Today’s topic is Can Yoga Cure Diseases Then Why Consume Medicine? On the one hand, there is a very important question and this is whether all diseases can be got rid of by practicing yoga? Can all diseases be cured by yoga practice? Let me elaborate a little more on this question so that it becomes clear to you that what is the purpose of today’s article.

If All Diseases Are Cured By The Practice Of Yoga, Then What Is The Need For Medicine?

Can Yoga Cure Diseases Then Why Consume Medicine?
  • There is often such a question in the mind of people that if a person is suffering from some disease and if he does some asanas and such a question often comes in his mind that will he get any benefit by practicing yoga? And will his illness end? Then the answer to this question is found that along with yoga, some medicines should also be taken. So first contact the doctor, take his advice and then do this yoga practice along with medicines.
  • And then the question arises that we had heard that all diseases can be got rid of by practicing yoga. Or if you can get rid of all diseases by practicing yoga, then what is the need for medicine? So today’s question is that if all diseases are found to be free from all diseases by the practice of yoga, then what is the need for medicine?
  • And so in this article, we will explain this. So, understand one thing that you are not going to get special benefits by doing asanas and pranayama only by practicing yoga. Except in some situations, in some common problems, you can get the full benefit from only asana and pranayama, but if there is a serious problem, then only asana and pranayama cannot benefit you, of course, asana and pranayama will benefit you in that problem. It will be achieved but it will not happen only by asana and pranayama.
  • In this, you also need to change your diet, you need to abstain, you need to change your lifestyle, and some medicines are also needed. Because one cannot be dependent on anyone thing. All things have to be taken along with them.


Can Yoga Cure Diseases Then Why Consume Medicine?
  • Yoga practice undoubtedly has a positive effect on your body, but then when you are making changes in your lifestyle, you are taking the food which is favorable to you and leaving the one which is unfavorable.
  • Understand this with an example, if a person is suffering from diabetes and he has heard or read or has seen a video that in diabetes, Mandukasana, Kapalbhati, Ustrasana, Naukasana, all these asanas which can be done during diabetes. And if you get to benefit from them, then you are doing those asanas only in the morning and evening by following them, but if you have not made any changes in lifestyle and food, then no special benefit is going to be received. 
  • Because our body is basically made up of Annamaya Kosha. And that is what is driving our body. And medicine is also another form of food.

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Can Yoga Cure Diseases Then Why Consume Medicine?
  • So somewhere you will have to take medicine and bring control and change in your food also. Special benefits cannot be obtained by doing only asanas and pranayama. Full benefits and special benefits can be availed when you are also making lifestyle changes. So all things have to be taken along with medicine, food as well as lifestyle, keeping everyone in balance. Only then you can get benefits.
  • Now a question may also come that when the medicine is to be consumed, why should one practice yoga? Yoga practice is necessary because with this your body will start moving naturally. And if yoga practice is done together, then more medicine will not be needed.
  • Ayurveda and other medical systems completely base on it that your stomach is fine. And so yoga is practiced and in yoga practice, your stomach is cured with a lot of activities and other body activities can be carried out smoothly. 
  • And when the body is sick, there is no physical problem, but more than that, there is a mental problem and the harm from that problem increases even more. So yoga practice works positively on both the physical and monthly problems so that you do not have to consume more medicines.(Can Yoga Cure Diseases Then Why Consume Medicine?)

And by practicing yoga, whatever medicines you consume, its effect will also increase manifold. (Can Yoga Cure Diseases Then Why Consume Medicine?)

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