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Chakra Asana, Chakra means wheel. And with the practice of Chakrasana, the shape of our body becomes like a wheel.

This exercise can be done lying on the back or even standing.

But today in this article I will tell you, how to do Chakrasana lying down?

Steps Of Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

Chakrasana - How To Chakrasana? And More

(1) For the practice of Chakrasana, lie down on your back.

(2) Both knees will be bent.

(3) Heels close to the body.

(4) Keep a little distance between the ankles and knees, almost equal to or slightly less than the shoulders.

(5) Keep both your palms beside the shoulders and ears and the corners are inwards.

(6) Now put the weight of the whole body on the palms and soles of the feet, while inhaling, lift the body up.

(7) As the body continues to lift up, keep inhaling, or else you will first fill the whole breath in the body, then hold the breath and raise the body.
(will go up while inhaling or will fill the first breath)

(8) And now we will raise the whole stomach above the ground.

(9) Bringing the abdomen and back up, and making the whole body circular (making a circular shape) bring it up from the palms and feet.

(10) The elbow will be straight and then for as long as it stays, the speed of breathing will continue normally.

(11) And when you come back (down to the ground), then exhale

(12) And then come back to the state of Savasana.

Know more (Chakrasana)

Chakrasana - How To Chakrasana? And More

Chakrasana can be practiced two to three times.

1NameChakrasana, Wheel Pose, upward bow pose, Urdhvdhanurasana
2Preparatory PosesVirasana, Bhujangasana, Setu bandha sarvangasana
3Follow Up PosesArdha Matsyendarasa
4TypeChest Opener
5Level Of DifficultyAdvanced
  • And in general, the body can be kept stable for 15 to 45 seconds each time.
  • Immediately after its practice, one will practice Pawanmuktasana or Shirshangasana.
  • You will feel the whole stretch on the thighs, on the stomach, on the waist, on the lungs, on the shoulders, on the neck, and on the arms. You will feel a stretch on these parts.
  • And all the weight of the body will be on both the palms, on the elbows, on the shoulders, on the knees, and on the soles of the feet. Feel all the weight of the body on these parts.


(1) Talking about the benefits further, its practice is beneficial for most of the muscles and organs of the body.

(2) Its practice increases physical stability.

(3) And in most of the muscles of the body, from the palms to the knees, stretch occurs in all these muscles, due to which these muscles, the limbs become flexible.

(4) The circulation of energy and blood in the body, power is able to operate well.

(5) This exercise is especially beneficial for the spine.

(6) The practice of this asana is particularly beneficial in neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, deterioration in the shape of the spine, or stiffness in the spine.

(7) Its practice generates a complete stretch on the stomach, on the lungs, on the heart, on the chest. Due to which it is beneficial in stomach-related problems, it is beneficial in heart-related problems. And the lungs are fully expanded. Due to which the amount of oxygen filling increases. And the blood vessels that are around the heart are arteries, in them, the circulation of blood is also done well.


As a precaution, keep some things in mind.

  • Do not practice it if there is any serious disease related to stomach, back, and heart, during pregnancy, cervical spondylosis, physical weakness.

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