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Today’s article is going to be very special for all of you. Because today we are going to talk about Chanakya Niti. Yes, It is Chanakya Neeti – The Best Philosophy Of Life Lesson.

The more times you read Chanakya Niti, the better you will learn about your life.

Chanakya never spoke his words diplomatically. He never flattered anyone. As it was, he brought them in front of the people and tried to teach them.

Yes, some people used to find these things bitter because the truth is always bitter.

Today we are going to learn the most important things about Chanakya Niti which is very important for every person’s life.

So don’t miss a single point. Otherwise, the loss in this is yours.

Chanakya Neeti – The Best Philosophy Of Life Lesson

(1) Eliminate the problem from the root

  • First of all, we get to learn from Chanakya Niti that don’t just solve the problem but eliminate it from the root.
  • We have a habit of solving problems slowly. But never think that we should eliminate that problem from the root itself. So that problem never comes in the future.
  • If you are a student then you will understand my point very well. And if it is from Hindi medium then you will be able to understand it very well.
  • How many times did you learn tenses to learn English? Went to the next class and learned the tenses again. When you grew up you went to a coaching class, you started learning tenses again. But what happened? You could not even learn tenses and could not learn English either. This means that you must have solved the problem for a short time. That is, as long as there were a need i.e. tenses used to come in the exam, so you definitely solved it but did not eliminate that problem from the root forever. That’s why you needed to learn that thing again and again.
  • Once the same thing happened to Chanakya, he was going through the forest with his disciples. And a thorn was cut in his feet. He got very angry and told his disciples to uproot all these thorns and go find some buttermilk and bring it. His disciples brought some buttermilk from anywhere. But the disciples asked why this buttermilk has been ordered?
  • Chanakya took that buttermilk from his disciples and put all the buttermilk on that thorny place.
  • And explained to his disciples that when you had uprooted this thorn, it would have grown back after a few days, but now I have put buttermilk in it, after some time, ants will come here and root the entire whole thorn stem. Will eat with This will prevent the thorns from coming back. And they will end with the root.
  • Therefore, always remember in life that does not just solve the problems, eliminate them from the root.

(2) Don’t be overly straight

  • The second thing you always have to remember is not to be overly straightforward.
  • Chanakya says that if you go to the forest, then you will be able to cut straight wood first, which is crooked wood, no one touches them.
  • You must have also realized this thing in your life that the more you become straight, the more people will consider you weak and trouble you. So don’t be overly straightforward.
  • Adapt yourself according to the situation. I have already told you that Chanakya speaks harsh truth very much. Which sounds too bitter to hear. But for life, it is very good.

(3) Don’t tell your secrets to anyone

  • The next point that you have to remember is that you should never reveal your secret to anyone. Because that can be the reason for your ruin.
  • Here I am reminded of an incident from Mahabharata. You all must have heard that people say that nothing is digested in the stomach of women. Whenever he comes to know about something, he feels that he should tell those things to someone else. This thing is linked to a curse from Mahabharata. Kunti never told her five sons that Karna was their brother, when Karna died, Kunti told them that Karna was their brother. And getting angry with this, Yudhisthira cursed Kunti and cursed all the women that after today nothing will remain in your stomach.
  • And Chanakya says that don’t tell your secrets to anyone. Hold it close to you. Otherwise, this could be the reason for your ruin.

(4) Behind every relationship is selfishness

  • The next thing that Chanakya says, which is a very harsh truth, that behind every path there is definitely some selfishness hidden. Whether it is a parent, whether it is a brother or sister, whether it is a friend or any relationship, there is definitely some selfishness hidden behind it.
  • In the beginning, you like all the relationships very well. But gradually you get to know about their selfishness. And then you get to know why this relationship was made? One’s selfishness may be big, some may be small. But every person definitely expects something from you. (Chanakya Neeti – The Best Philosophy Of Life Lesson)

(5) Trust someone thoughtfully

  • Next thing Chanakya has said very bitterly that you should not trust a person who is not your friend.
  • But the person who is your friend. You should trust him very thoughtfully because whenever you wake up from him in the future, he will go and speak your secret things. This happens to every human being and must have happened to you too.
  • Your friendship with a person lasted for years, but due to some reason, that friendship broke down. Now he went to another person and he went there and told all your secrets. Due to this you also have to face a lot of troubles in life.
  • So you always be careful. (Chanakya Neeti – The Best Philosophy Of Life Lesson)

(6) Do it instead of saying it

  • The next thing which is very important. Chanakya says that you should keep things in your mind, do not tell them to people, and show them directly.
  • Chanakya believed that you should have faith in doing more than speaking.
  • Many times you must have seen or heard people saying that I will do this, I will do that but nothing happens to them. So, don’t become those who speak like this at all. Whatever is in your mind, whatever task is in your mind, keep it in mind and show it directly to the people. (Chanakya Neeti – The Best Philosophy Of Life Lesson)

(7) Save money for the trouble

  • And this point which is very important is that always keep money stored for the time of trouble.
  • Don’t think that how the rich people are in trouble? Many people feel that I have too much money. I have lots of property. Then trouble cannot come to me, but keep in mind that when trouble comes, the money collected also decreases rapidly.

So these were seven such things of Chanakya policy which are very bitter but very true. (Chanakya Neeti – The Best Philosophy Of Life Lesson)

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