Today we will see about Change Your Attitude Change Your Life. So many times it happens that you start feeling bad about the world and people start feeling bad for you. But you don’t see what is your point of view? How do you think? How do you think about something about a person?

What is the most important thing in life? And that is attitude. Because how is your way of looking at people, looking at the world? Because you will see this world as your attitude is.

So you have to change that attitude. Otherwise, this world will appear to you as you are seeing it.

Attitude (Change Your Attitude Change Your Life)

  • Now the world looks the same to you like the glasses you wear. Now suppose you have put on black-colored glasses, then this world will look black to you, if you have put on red-colored glasses then you will see this world as red. If blue is applied then it will look blue. So, the way a person wears colored glasses, he sees this world in the same way.
  • Meaning everything is a game of perspective.

Story 1 (Change Your Attitude Change Your Life)

  • So once it happened that once there was a shoe-making company. He sent one of his top sales executives to a very backward area. Where people did not wear shoes and slippers. And it was a very backward area. And people were not very educated. As soon as the sales executive got down from the bus, he saw that there are no shoes on the feet of any person here. So he got upset, he got upset. And he called his boss and said that boss I am coming back. Get my ticket refunded. Bose said what happened brother? Why do you want to come back? And then that person said that no one wears slippers here. So how will I be able to sell shoes and slippers? So I am coming back, here shoes and slippers cannot be sold.

Now the boss called the person back but after a few days, a new salesman came. He was sent there. He was told that there is a backward area and to go there and try to sell shoes and slippers.

A very top sales executive had gone but he could not sell there. You go and try it once.

When that person reached there as soon as he got down from the bus and called his boss and said that even after winning the boss, the company has shoes and slippers, send everyone.

The boss said, wait, wait, what has happened? have you arrived? He said yes he has reached and send all the shoes and slippers. Because whatever is there, all of them will be sold.

Boss said hey brother how will it be sold like this? So he said that there are no shoes on anyone’s feet here. All our shoes and slippers will all be sold. And that’s exactly what happened.

So now think about why this happened?

The first person said that if no one wears slippers here, then how will shoes be sold?

Whereas the other person said that look no person here has shoes and slippers on his feet. Meaning all the shoes will be sold.

The whole difference of all of this is the point of view. How the first person thought and how the second person thought.

So now you think what is your attitude? Like the first person or like the second person.

Must Remember (Change Your Attitude Change Your Life)

  • So if you really want to change your life, then change your attitude along with your hard work.
  • When your attitude changes, your world will automatically change. If you alter your attitude, the world will change as well.
  • Your attitude creates your thinking. As will be your attitude, so will be your thinking. And as you think, so will your future. What do you think about something?

Story 2

Once Shri Krishna was sitting with Narada Muni. Narad Muni asked that Lord, you see everything from a positive perspective.
I see that there is a dog below which is lying in the drain. And he has scabies. What positive do you see in that dog?

Shri Krishna smiled and looked at Narada Muni and says that that dog is suffering from a disease, he is lying in the drain too but look how bright his teeth are still. And how many are white? Narad Muni had understood this.

Point To Be Noted

  • Yes, this thinking drives us forward. What are our attitudes to look at anything? How do we see that thing? This is the problem of 99% of the people today. Whoever does any work, we see his bad thing. Which is not good. We should see the good.
  • Because goodness should be our attitude. Because that would be our thinking. If we keep taking out the evil in everything, then our thinking will also become the same. We have to keep our attitude positive because that is what makes our thinking.

Story 3

Change Your Attitude Change Your Life

Once a man was traveling on a train with his three children, his three children were very naughty. They were very funny. He was having fun everywhere. A person was reading a newspaper on the same. Those children tore his newspaper. Some other passengers were eating their food at the same place. He threw them out. Those children were clearly having a great time. Another passenger was getting very angry seeing all this. He wondered how many devils there were children. Have their parents not taught them anything?

His father was sleeping there with his neck bent. And that person was getting very angry and he was thinking how much fun these kids are having. His father is not bothered in the slightest about how much trouble the other passengers are facing.

When those children started having more fun then that person could not bear that talk. And that person woke up the father of those children and said that your children are having so much fun, you do not understand? Have you not given them any education?

That person looked at the other person and smiled and said that you are absolutely right, I do not understand anything, what should I do now?

Two days ago my wife became very ill and she passed away last night and today we are returning home after performing her last rites. Really you told the truth that I didn’t understand anything about what to do and maybe even these children are not able to understand what has happened to them and how they should behave. A little while ago, the person who was red in anger, who could not understand anything except anger, became calm after listening to that person. He did not understand what to say to the father of those children.

Moral Of The Story

  • But understand this thing that in life the whole game is of attitude. How do you see a condition or how a condition dominates you.
  • You will perceive things as you perceive them.
  • Now whether you see it in the first condition or in the second condition.
  • In the first condition, that person was getting very angry with those children, he was getting angry, he was upset, he was not understanding anything. But as soon as he heard his father’s words, his anger subsided. Nothing else was going on in his mind now. Now that person was falling in love with those children. Love was coming. He wanted to talk to those kids. wanted to feed them. So the only difference is the point of view.

You can change your attitude towards anything. Now it depends on you whether you want to see him from a good point of view or from a bad point of view. (Change Your Attitude Change Your Life)

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