Parents have the biggest responsibility to raise children properly. But when we have to make a decision about children, we get into trouble. We face a problem of what to do and what not to do, what should be kept in mind at this time and we will see about. Why are you making decisions for your children? Children come through parents, God sends them to you. It is not your choice that you can keep them as you want. Child-Parent Relationship Tips Strength your Relation.

Best Parenting Tips Of Child – Parent Relationship

Child-Parent Relationship
  • If you consider them your property as your future investment, if you treat them like that, then you are insulting your children, You are insulting the creation as well as the creator.
  • Your child should at least be better than you.
  • children need a good partner, not a boss.
  • When you were a child, you did not like any beatings or orders, in the same way, your child also does not like any beatings or orders he needs a friend and not a boss. What do you believe, you are better and smarter than your child
  • Let the children take some minor decisions on their own so that when there is a mistake in it, they will realize that their intelligence and understanding have not yet developed so much And they themselves will come to you and take your advice but do not impose your views on them, they will become rebellious by doing so.
  • You have not made a child. but It is good luck that child has come through the parents. Enjoy this good fortune. Respect this good fortune. Do not misuse this good fortune is an important thing. children have to protect from the wrong effect.
  • The child should not see a boy or a girl. For a child to grow up, should be a pleasant atmosphere.

Inspirational Parenting

Child-Parent Relationship
  • Your speech should be effective in every way you speak, understood, and explain.
  • From pushing and scaring the baby No need to control but give them love and warmth. They need motivation. Need a guide.
  • In your life Never try to make everyone happy Because no one can be completely happy. And as a result, you feel stressed and the effect falls on your mind.
  • And sometimes that stress is passed on to your child Which has a bad effect on your child’s mind.
  • Khalil Gibran has said that children are born by you and you do not owner them
  • Don’t say bad words to your child that disappoint your children.
  • It has a negative effect on the child’s mind
  • Parents should treat their children effectively.
  • In the old days, people lived in a joint family. They were with their grandparents. There was a joint family.
  • But as time passed on, the joint family is less visible now. And when parents become employed, it becomes their special responsibility to give quality time to their child.
  • The famous scientist Edison is known for one thing in his life that, He was once sent home with a letter from the school. He gave that letter to his mother and Mother started crying after reading that letter.
  • Addison asked the mother why she cried, mother said that you are very smart, this school cannot teach you. He is Edison who grows up to be a scientist and a bulb researcher. Once Edison’s mother dies, the same letter falls into Edison’s hands. It says that your child is very weak in studies, so he is expelled from school.
  • Don’t value someone’s words or sentences that are spoken for your child. You instill confidence in your child.
  • Today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen How do you want your child to look twenty years from now?
  • Build the good things you want to see in your child. Care today so you are not blamed by your child. (Child-Parent Relationship)
Child fun

How Be Their Friend And Guide

  • Your family is your garden and you are the gardener and your child is your flower. Every parent is the child’s first teacher. The child begins to see, understand, learn from you.
  • Dedicate some time, from your earnings and weekends to your little one. Music, dance, will connect you with your child.
  • Play indoor games (Child-Parent Relationship)
  • If you really want them to listen to you, start listening to them.
  • Do not offer Gadgets in the name of nursery rhymes from an early age.
  • So, take them along with you when you shop for vegetables and shop for their choices. So, Make them a part of your cooking, they are great chefs. the schedule works at the workplace and home well. Being disciplined is a habit, and childhood is the perfect stage to develop it.
  • Firstly, Parenting is an art. (Child-Parent Relationship)
  • The biggest contributor to a child’s development is his or her parents.
  • It is the parents who shape it. If the parents know about parenting then the child can develop holistically.
  • Therefore, don’t compare it to other children. Let your child be shaped by the skills he or she has. Not every child can become a doctor or an engineer,
  • So, The child has his own preferences.
  • Every child has some hidden talent.
  • Get those skills out. (Child-Parent Relationship)

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