The festival of Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December with great enthusiasm and gaiety. This is the main festival of the people of Christianity. According to religious beliefs, Jesus was born on this day. In this festival, people decorate the Christmas tree. And at the same time, we distribute gifts to children and one another. Children get special enthusiasm for the festival. Because Santa Claus presents gifts to children on this day. (Christmas Day 25 December Special)

Why is Christmas on the 25th of December?

Christmas Day 25 December Special
  • People of Christianity celebrate this day as the birthday of Isa Christ.
  • Although there was a difference of opinion in the Christian community at the beginning on the birthday of Jesus Christ. Because no one had any idea about the date of his birthday.
  • But around 360 AD, the birthday of Jesus Christ was celebrated in the Church of Rome. But still, there has been a difference of opinion on the date of Christmas.
  • But even after that, it took time to come into circulation.
  • Christmas was legalized in America in 1836. And on 25 December a public holiday was held.

What is the story of Santa Claus?

Christmas Day 25 December Special
  • On Christmas, children are waiting for Santa Claus the most. There is a story for this.
  • Saint Nicholas was born on 6 December 340 AD.
  • It is believed that Saint Nicholas brings gifts to children. This Saint Nicholas later became Santa Claus.
  • It is said that his parents died in childhood. After growing up, he became a priest.
  • It is said that he used to give gifts to children at night so that no one can see them.

What is the story of the Christmas tree?

Christmas Day 25 December Special

(1) The Christmas tree began in Northern Europe several thousand years ago.

  • At that time, the Winter Festival is celebrated by decorating a tree named Ferr.
  • Everyone started planting trees on this occasion.

(2) Another story is that at the time of the birth of Jesus, all the gods decorated the evergreen tree, since then this tree is known as the Christmas tree.

Story of Lord Jesus Birth (Christmas Day 25 December Special)


And for Christians, Christmas is also very important. On this day, people of Christianity all over the world celebrate this festival with great pomp.

According to the Bible, Rome was ruled at that time. And many people were also persecuted, in order to reduce the suffering of the people and to liberate the people from the rule of Rome, God sent his child Jesus to the earth.

The Lord chose Mary to be born there. And God sent an angel to Mary. The angel went to Mary and said that you have to give birth to the son of God. And the angel also told that this son of yours will go ahead and become king. And will get rid of atrocities on people. The messenger sent by god went to Joseph and said that you have to Marriage a girl named Mary.

At that time Mary and Joseph were going towards Bethlehem. And Bethlehem was very crowded at that time. And there was no place to stay. Then Marry and Joseph spent the night in stables at the time. And the same night Jesus was born. And when Jesus was born, a shining star appeared in the sky. Which made people realize that their lord has taken incarnation on earth. And it was already predicted that on the day when the brightest star appears in the sky, then your Lord has taken birth on the earth.

All people became very happy after taking the birth of God. Jesus started serving people only by staying between them. And started trying to relieve their pain. Jesus always gave the message to the people to live with brotherhood, humanity, and love. And they used to say do good to those who do good to you. And love your enemies too.

Celebration of Christmas (Christmas Day 25 December Special)

celebration of christmas
  • Christmas festival is also famous for many things. Such as the Christmas trees, gifts, and Santa Claus. And also try to fulfill all the wishes of the children. Even on Christmas day, people have the cleanliness of their houses and church houses. And to celebrate this day’s happiness. Generally, The houses, shops, and churches are decorated with colorful paper and flowers. And they also make beautiful. On this day the Christmas tree is decorated. On which colorful bulbs, lights, and toys are applied. And children are very happy on this day. Because they get good gifts. And this day is for children to celebrate happiness. And also give heartiest Christmas wishes. (Christmas Day 25 December Special)
Christmas Day 25 December Special

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