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Dasi Jeevan Saheb was a resident of Ghoghavdar village. Saints and devotees used to come to his house and hold Satsangs. Generally, His compositions of Bhajans show his love and devotion to Krishna. Let’s see Sant Dasi Jivan Saheb Spiritual Life History


Sant Dasi Jivan Saheb Spiritual Life History

Known as:

  • He is also known as, Jivan Saheb, Jivan, Jivan Das, Dasi Jivan.
  • Generally, He believed himself as the incarnation of Radha. So that’s why he is known as the incarnation of Radha.
  • He considers himself Lord Krishna’s lover Radha, Radhaji of Saurashtra

Birth and Death Detail:

  • He was born in Diwali in 1750 at Ghoghavdar village in Gondal taluka.
  • Dasi Jeevan Saheb was born in Ghoghavdar village to Jagaa Dafda and mother Shambai in the Chamar caste.
  • He died in Diwali in 1825 at Ghoghavdar village in Gondal taluka.
Dasi Jivan Saheb


  • Dasi Jivan Saheb was born in Meghwal caste.

Details of Family member:

  • Father Jagaa Dafda and Mother’s name is Sambai
  • Wife’s name is Jaluma and The son’s name is Deshal


  • Dasi Jivans Saheb’s Guru was Bhim Saheb.


  • Dasi Jivan Saheb was taken Samadhi at the age of 75 in his village Ghoghawadar. His Samadhi place is located at Ghoghavdar in Gondal Taluka.

Spiritual Life Journey of Dasi Jivan Saheb

Dasi Jivan Saheb
  • Dashi Jivan Saheb Well incident
    • Dasi Jeevansaheb was a great devotee of Lord Krishna.
    • From an early age, he had a religious atmosphere at home and sang hymns. He made Sant Bhim Saheb of Amran’s place his guru.
    • So many of the hymns composed by him are very popular. The occasions of his life were such that once he went to the place of Parab Dham.
    • It is said that there was no water in the well so Dasi Jeevan Saheb was brought down to the well with the help of a bed. But Shadul Bhagat who was in charge of Parbadham at that time. He wanted to take the test of Dasi Jivan Saheb.
    • Dasi Jeevan Saheb told Shadul Bhagat to take me out, then Shadul Bhagat said no, today you have to show the recipe. And then he remembered God and sang hymns.
    • And water came into the well. Then everyone apologized to Dasi Jeevan Sahib.
Lord Krishna
  • Lord Krishna Helped Dasi Jivan Saheb in Jail
    • Dasi Jeevan Saheb sings the bhajans of Krishna and in his bhajans, there is deep self-knowledge and spiritual secret.
    • He was once imprisoned in Gondal. He was jailed on the grounds that he had not paid old state debts or taxes.
    • Dasi Jeevan Saheb spent the whole night in the bhajan of the Lord to reserve him and finally, the Lord comes to the aid of his devotee. And God pays the disguise.
    • And the jail where he was imprisoned at Gondal is still there.

His post is popularly known as Dasi Jivan Saheb bhajan which is full of spiritual knowledge.

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