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The life story and Leela associated with all the gods and goddesses in Hinduism are equally unique and interesting. Generally, According to the mythological beliefs, there was a God in the world (Srishti), who was considered as the form of the three god names Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, who were known as Lord Dattatray. Worship of Datta Lord removes all obstacles in life. Those humans whose life is getting spoiled due to ancestral defects or those who are suffering from planetary defects or are constantly troubled at home should chant the name of Lord Dattatreya daily. Devotees believe that with the sight of God Dutt, the sufferings of life are eradicated.

How to worship Lord Dutt?

Dattatreya Divine Incarnation Of Brahma, Vishnu, And Mahesh
  • Generally, First of all, take a bath in the morning and resolve that you will worship God Dutta. Then worship should be done during Pradosh Kaal.
  • Make a square with cow dung.
  • Light a lamp, plant a saffron tilak, offer red yellow flowers and offer sweet roti and jaggery and gram Offer Dakshina.
  • Chant the mantra of Lord Dattatreya with a garland of sandalwood
  • Om Dram Dattatreyay Namah: This mantra should be chanted.
  • It is said that the offerings of offer sweet roti and jaggery and gram are fed to the cow.

What is the benefit of worshiping God Dattatreya?

Dattatreya Divine Incarnation Of Brahma, Vishnu, And Mahesh
  • And if the person is lying in the wrong company, then it is said that Lord Dattatreya is pleased and the pain is removed.
  • If Rahu is defected in your horoscope, then worship Lord Dattatreya.
  • If you have lost the path, then if negative energy has fallen, there is a problem in the house, then to remove all these problems, worship Lord Dattatreya. Certainly, guidance and prosperity come.
  • Certainly guidance and prosperity come.
  • Therefore, it is said that one should chant the name, sutra, and mantra of Lord Dattatreya.

Dattatreya Digambara

lord dattatrey
  • It is said that Lord Dattatreya has twenty-four gurus.
  • Guru has its own special place in life. And without the Guru, knowledge is not attained. Whatever he learned from Lord Dattatreya made him his guru.
  • Lord Dattatreya’s mother’s name was Anasuya.
  • It is told in many texts that Rishi Atri and Anasuya had three sons, Moon from Brahmaji’s part, Durvasha Rishi from Shiva’s part, and Dattatreya from Lord Vishnu’s part. There is also a mention somewhere that Dattatreya is the incarnation of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Twenty Four Gurus of Dattatreya

  • Seeing the twenty-four Gurus of Dattatreya, the earth is first. To learn tolerance and benevolence from the earth.
  • Pingala believed that money is everything. But with time, Pingla came to know that the name of God is true. And life is mortal. Therefore do charity in life, should live by doing good deeds.
  • And learned from the pigeon that affects more than anyone in the cause of sorrow.
  • And He learned from the Sun that the soul is the same.
  • Dattatrey learned from Wind (Vayu) that you should not give up your best even when living with good or bad people.
  • Learned from the deer that one should never be careless in fun.
  • One should remain dynamic even in the ups and downs of life learned from the sea.
  • One should not get caught in the charm learned from the butterfly.
  • Learned from the elephant that monk and ascetic man should follow moderation.
  • Learned from the sky that every country, period, in the situation should stay away from attachment.
  • Dattatreya learned from water that one should remain pure.
  • learned from bees that one should not collect things more than their needs.
twenty four gurus of lord dattatreya
  • It is learned from fish that one should not get caught in the greed of taste. Take such food which is good for your health.
  • One should learn to learn from the Kurar bird that one should give up the temptation to keep things close.

Know More

  • Learned from the child that one should always be worry-free and happy.
  • We learned from the fire that no matter what the situation, we should adapt to every situation.
  • It is learned from the Moon that the coolness and brightness of the moon do not change, in the same way, the soul never changes from gain to loss.
  • Dattatrey learned from a girl that she should keep working even while living alone.
  • He learned from the arrow maker that the mind should be subdued by practice and quietness.
  • He learned from the snake that any monk should live alone.
  • Dattatrey learned from the spider that even God himself creates the Maya trap and covers it in himself.
  • ‘Bhrungi’ Dattatreya learned from this insect that thinking will be like good or bad, the mind becomes like that.
  • It was learned from a Bombus Lapidarious that wherever one should get learns to the meaningful thing, he should learn it.
  • Dattatreya learned from the dragon that we should become content in life.

Who is Dattatrey And Story Of His Birth?

Devi Ansuya And Brahma, vishnu , mahesh
  • In deities, three are the main Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. They are considered to be the creator, guardian, and destroyer respectively.
  • Dattatreya is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to the stories given in Srimad Bhagwat and Brahmanda Purana, Dattatreya is the son of Atri Rishi and Goddess Anasuya.
  • According to the story told about how they were born in the house of Atri Rishi and Goddess Anasuya, once Brahma Vishnu and Shiva tried to test goddess Anasuya’s loyalty to her husband at the behest of their wives.
  • They reached his ashram in the form of sages and told them that Anasuya should feed them. Then Anasuya converted them into infants and fed them.
  • And then the wife of the three gods reached the house of Goddess Anasuya, looking for her husband. And they found their husbands as infants. After realizing his mistake, the three Devi apologized to Goddess Anasuya.
  • Goddess Ansuyane forgave them and converted Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh into their real form.
  • Pleased with the husbandly religion of Goddess Anasuya, the three gods asked him to ask for a boon.
  • Goddess Anasuya expressed her desire to receive the three gods as sons. The three gods promised to take incarnation as a son in Ansuya’s home. After this, Bramhaji was born as Chandra, Shivji was born as Sage Durvasha and Vishnu was born as Dattatreya. This is the reason that Dattatreya is considered as part of Lord Vishnu. According to the legend told in Shastras, when the sages Durvasha and the moon went to do penance. So he gave all his powers and Tej Dattatreya. With which, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh were all included in Dattatreya.
Lord Dattatreya

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