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Definition of True Friendship – Makes You happy…..Definition of True Friendship – Makes You happy …….want to know more then you are in the right place!!

Man cannot live happily without friend or friendship. Be it a child or a youth or an old man or a monk, the life of anyone cannot exist without a friend. If this relationship is so important and powerful and necessary, then its responsibilities also become so important. But the question is, who will be called a true friend, who supports us in our happiness, is the one who supports us in our misery? Is this what a friend really identifies? A friend is required to oppose you when needed. If you are a true friend, if your friend is going to do something wrong by simply being stupid or intentionally stuck in a wrong company, then it becomes your duty to first stop him from doing that.

True Meaning of True Friendship

Definition of True Friendship
  • We have heard from childhood that good friends can change our lives. True friends are those who do not show you the wrong path without any fear, without selfishness, without giving any greed and give you a true answer to true questions.
  • ”Someone has rightly said that find a friend, who is like a shield, lags behind in happiness and leads in sorrow”.
  • Sometimes situations occur in the world that you cannot talk to your close family, you cannot share your heart, now you can share it with your true friend, a friend is our great support.
  • True friendship is permanent, it is not temporary.
  • A true friend does not take anything from you but sacrifices for you.
  • If you get hurt then he feels hurts. If someone speaks badly to you, he feels hurts, if you fall, he picks you up. He is your true friend who is with you all the time.

Basis Of True Friendship

Definition of True Friendship
  • We get all the relations of the world with birth itself, but there are some such relations which we make ourselves, one of them is the relation of friendship.
  • The first foundation of true friendship that lasts is trust, never doubt your friend, trust his words.
  • And the second rule of friendship is to follow him, do not leave him in any circumstances of the friend, always support him if he is doing something wrong then show him the right way.
  • And the third rule of friendship is to help him. If your friend is in any difficulty or needs someone, then help him.

Some Sign to Recognize Your True Friend

Definition of True Friendship - Makes You happy
  • A best friend accepts you as you are.
  • Your true friends always listen to you and understand everything you do.
  • Your true friends never do evil behind you. They don’t talk bad about you.
  • True friends never leave you alone in difficulty, they stay with you in every situation in every difficulty.
  • When you laugh, laugh with you, when you cry, cry with you, they are associated heartly with you all the time.
  • Your good friends spend quality time with you.
Definition of True Friendship - Makes You happy
  • We know that there is no one perfect in this world, a person only do make mistake and only learn from mistakes, your true friend will forgive your mistake.
  • You always feel comfortable with your true friend.
  • you can share everything anything with your friend.
  • A true friend finds good things in you, tells you your good things, and motivates you to do better to do something good.
  • Your friend does not say what you like, but what is good for you, what is true, he tells you that.
  • The best friends never get jealous, they always are happy in your progress.

Some Examples of True Friendship Who Inspired You

Krishna - Sudama
  • Friendship of Lord Shri Krishna and Sudama.
  • Also, Lord Shri Krishna and Arjuna’s friendship is famous.
  • In Mahabharata Duryodhana and Karn.

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