We used to understand that this is not a disease. But depression is a disease and can be completely cured. If someone has depression, one should go to the doctor without fear And it can be cured with psychotherapy and with medicines.


What is Depression?

  • It is one of the psychiatric disorders. It is a kind of mood disorder.

Symptoms of Depression

  • The sadness of Mind
  • The second symptom is the end of the interest
  • The third symptom is gilt
  • The fourth symptom is physical weakness
  • The fifth symptom is the end of the concentration
  • The sixth symptom is a change in appetite
  • The seventh symptom is sleepiness
  • The Eighth symptoms, to come to the thoughts that harm yourself
  • The sadness of Mind
    • The mind seems to be very sad in Depression. Even if there is something good in life, the mind is not happy. And there is always sadness 24 hours and seven days.
    • See, we separate the sadness of depression and the sadness of normal life. There is usually sadness, when something good is in life, sadness is removed. If we are unhappy, but there is something good in life, we will become normal.
    • But the sadness of depression, irrespective of what may happen in life, whether it is a festival, Diwali, Eid, whether it is Christmas. We do not get happiness and the mind remains depressed.
    • So it’s persistent and pervasive sadness. The sadness always persists and persists on every occasion.

Symptoms of Depression

  • The second symptom is the end of the interest
    • Nothing feels good in mind. Whether it’s your job, whether it’s your studies, whether it’s your relationship. In mind, you don’t feel good at anything.
    • Many a time, people speak that, they have lost happiness in life. Nothing seems good to mind. You are not enjoying anything.
  • The third symptom is guilt:
    • People feel a lot more guilt. People consider themselves guilty for every little thing. And abuse himself.
  • The fourth symptom is physical weakness:
    • The body always seems to be tired, so it seems that there is no energy in the body.
  • The fifth symptom is the end of concentration:
    • If you are a student, you are studying, you will not be able to focus on your studies, you will not be able to study. If you are doing a job, your mind will not be able to work, you will not be able to focus on your work.
  • The sixth symptom is a change in appetite:
    • The appetite of the people also decreases and the weight is also reduced.
    • But in some minority cases, the appetite can increase instead of decreasing appetite.
    • And their weight can also increase because of the increase in appetite.
  • The seventh symptom is sleepiness:
    • These problems are found to be very common in depression. Generally, sleep decreases. Human beings do not sleep. And there is a typical way of not sleeping, some people sleep late, and some people have to be awakened repeatedly in the night. But there is another typical characteristic of depression, it is a wake-up early in the morning before your routine time.
  • The Eighth symptoms, to come to the thoughts that harm yourself:
    • What is the idea of the people in the mind that it should be destroyed in such a life? And sometimes the idea of suicide comes to mind.

Reason of  this  Disease

  • There are two components of this disease. The first one is the biological component and the second one is the psychological component.
  • Biological means there are some changes in your mind and some chemicals in your brain are getting changes. It causes difficulty.
  • Three chemicals have been found. Serotonin, Norepinephrine, and dopamine abnormities. If the brain is lacking in these three chemicals, there may be symptoms of depression.
  • In addition, these symptoms are found in the psychological symptom, if there is some adversity in life, some thoughts begin to come to the mind. And these thoughts begin to increase the symptoms of your depression. One negative idea after another begins to come.

Treatment of  It

  • Deprecation, no one chooses with his own happiness. Depression has no related to mental strength, or to mental weakness, or to strength.
  • It is not that the depression that takes place is a mentally weak person. It is not so.
  • If the symptoms of depression are visible, do not tie yourself weak.
  • Don’t think bad for you, don’t feel guilt.
  • This is a disease that will have to be cured like other diseases.
  • There are two ways, the medical method is the medicine that increases the chemical of the brain and improves the twisted.
  • The other way is counseling
  • In which you go to counseling sessions from the psychotherapy sessions.
  • And in this case, the ideas that are coming to mind from depression are identified by the thoughts that come. 
  • It’s better to modify or substitute them with alternative ideas. Both treatments are very effective.
  • Then after both treatment comes the top result. When you seek with medications and counseling treatment.

So, if you see such symptoms for more than two weeks, it can be a disease. Depression can occur. The characters are found to have some bad experiences in life, so these symptoms are found. But it’s not.  But it may be that everything is going well in life, even if there is no problem. So, without any reason, these symptoms can be well-being. And depression can occur.

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