Today’s topic is Don’t Impose The Lifestyle Of Others On Yourself? Why? In the life of most people, there is definitely such a person, seeing whom you are encouraged. Seeing whom you have learned many arts of life. Or you want to be like them or you like them, there is such a person in most people’s life.

Reasons (Don’t Impose The Lifestyle Of Others On Yourself? Why?)

Don't Impose The Lifestyle Of Others On Yourself? Why?

(1) lifestyle

  • And he/she is a person who is a public figure, just as someone is a singer, an actor, a player, an instrument player, or a big businessman, or a big person who has a big position in his life. Or a great achievement would have been achieved.
  • Now it comes to the mind of people that I want to be like those whom you like or from whom you are encouraged. So it is started to know about them, what is their lifestyle? And you’re lifestyle because if we want to be like them, then we start applying it to ourselves. And know about them, what do they eat, what do they read? What do they wear? How is their lifestyle? And start applying those activities, their lifestyle on themselves. This is the first thing.

(2)  Work

  • Secondly, most actors, actresses, through news, through television, through articles, ie through many mediums, tell their lifestyle and give their beauty tips that what they apply on their skin or on their body. And what do we eat to look beautiful? And most of the people to look beautiful start applying the lifestyle of those people or the activities they do on their body without thinking. It is necessary to understand this thing very properly that you are going to suffer due to this.
  • Because those who are giving beauty tips, or who are telling you some things to look beautiful, there is a complete difference between you and them. like in their lifestyle, in their work, in their ability to work, or in their limitations.
  • Most of the actors, actresses have to stay under bright lights for eight to ten hours. To avoid them, which gives a lot of heat, they have to use different types of creams and different types of chemicals on their skin. Otherwise, they are going to suffer loss. And he tells beauty tips in his interview and you guys start applying it on yourself.

(3) Body and Age

  • That’s another thing. Now those who change their food after seeing another person. First of all, he knows that what many people eat, what do they exercise, what do they wear? Now we apply all those things to ourselves and forget about what is the difference between us and them. The physical structure of all people and many things are different. And a lot of damages and diseases start arising in the body. The reason for which is not known why many are arising. One of the biggest reasons can also be that many of us have started imposing many other lifestyles on ourselves, which our body is not acceptable.
  • Because seeing or listening to the person you are making changes in your life. There is a difference between his age and yours. There is a huge difference between his work, his business, and yours.

(4) Place

  • The nature of the body of both is different. If something accepts someone’s body, then something else accepts someone’s body. So the age of both and the climate of the place where both live is different. There is a lot of difference between you and the lifestyle of the person you want to follow, so don’t do it at all. Don’t impose another person’s lifestyle on yourself. Keep one thing in mind that only you have your body. No one in the world has a body like you. That’s why everyone’s food is different and exercise is different, and the amount of sleep is also different for every person. We cannot impose the same lifestyle on any two persons.
  • Understand this thing properly, do not do this type of activity without thinking that it can harm your body itself. See, it is not necessary that everything applies to everyone. Whoever does his daily routine or activities, he is telling according to what suits his body. But it is not necessary that you will also benefit from it. If the body does not suit it, then your body may also suffer.

What To Do?

Do not Impose The Lifestyle Of Others On Yourself? Why?
  • So before applying anything to your body, contact the doctor, what is your nature, what is favorable for your body, and what is unfavorable for your body, take information about all these things. Take the advice of a doctor and make your lifestyle in such a way that it benefits you, lest your body goes on suffering from diseases by applying other’s lifestyles on yourself.

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