Importance Of Pranayam

  • Pranayama is the fourth step according to Ashtanga Yoga. Pranayama has an effect on both the physical body and the subtle body. Therefore pranayama is considered to be an external and internal means. If Pranayama is done in any of the different types of Pranayama, then its effect on the physical body is not only on the lungs but also on the glands and subtle nerves present in the body. When it is affected, along with purifying the blood, energy is also attained. There is no visible positive effect on the subtle body pervading the Physical body. The density of the subtle body is very less than that of the Physical body.
  • The subtle body is not visible with these physical eyes because it is created by the subtle Panchabhutas. The Physical eyes cannot see the subtle Panchabhutas and the substances made from them. These eyes can see only the physical Panchabhut and the substances made from it.
  • By practicing pranayama, first, the physical body starts getting purified. After practicing Pranayama continuously for a long time, the subtle body starts getting affected after a certain period of time. Chakra and Kundalini-shakti exist in the subtle body itself. As the turbidity of the mind is destroyed through pranayama, the subtle body starts getting purified. Then the effect of pranayama starts on these chakras. Then the filth on the chakras starts getting cleaned. And the development sequence of the chakras also starts.
  • Then the Kundalini awakens and the process of rising upwards begins. The link between the Physical body and the subtle body is the brain. That is why the brain is greatly affected by pranayama.

What Is Pranayama? (Effect Of Pranayama On the Physical And Subtle Body)

  • Pranayama is a special practice of inhaling, holding, and exhaling.
  • According to that statement, just as air is filled into a tube by a bicycle pump, prana is filled inside. This pump is designed in such a way that it fills the air, but it does not withdraw. The arrangement of pranayama is the same. In the act of simple breathing, the prana comes and goes, just as the traveler walks on the road. But according to the ritual of pranayama, when the act of breathing takes place. for example, a pilgrim is given a proper place in the Dharamshala and sustained. like this, the prana is drawn from the air and placed in the body in a special way.

Indian Yoga gives a lot of importance to the Sun Chakra

Effect Of Pranayama On Physical And Subtle Body
  • Indian Yoga gives a lot of importance to the Sun Chakra out of the six chakras. Now Western science also acknowledges that the solar system is the center of many microscopic fibers. Not only that, but it also acknowledges that the process of perception in the human body is governed by it.
  • Some scientists also call it the ‘brain of the abdomen’. The brain is located on both sides of the spinal cord behind the heart above the stomach. It is made of a kind of white and brown Mava. Western scientists believe that it has a right to the internal functions of the body. Not only that, but it is also the center of the growth and development of the internal organs. But the truth is that the search for the power of the solar system is still incomplete. The workings of that cycle are many times greater than those people believe. It has been observed that if this center is hit a little, a person dies instantly.
  • Pranayama is a kind of light massage of this solar cycle. Which transmits heat, boom, and excitement. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Pranayama fills the lungs with air and makes them healthy.
  • Prana is a symbol of power and strength. Knowledge, ingenuity, experience, foresight, vigor, confirmation, prowess, greatness, etc. are the qualities that are known to be the inner strength. In spiritual language, it is called life force. The life force shines through the eyes. It is reflected on the face. Its waves are seen in the gestures. There is a strange intoxication in the fragrance of prana, which makes the same man emotional. Pranayama is an excellent option to increase and awaken vitality.

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