According to Charaka Samhita, exercise has some benefits, it also has some disadvantages if it is done in excess. Some of its symptoms and some special people have been instructed not to do it.

Definition Of Exercise

physical activity  Definition, Benefits, Symptoms, Harms
  • First of all, let us discuss the definition of exercise, that action which is supposed to increase the stability and strength of the body are called exercise.
  • Meaning that action by which stability, strength, and energy increase in the body is called exercise.
  • Now one thing is worth understanding here, many people do exercise and do it in such a high quantity that after that many types of problems in the body, tiredness starts feeling, that is not exercise. That is extreme exercise.
  • Exercise is that after doing it, the body experiences energy and increases strength.

Benefits Of Exercise

exercise benefits

Now after this let us discuss some of the benefits of exercising.

  • By doing exercise there is lightness in the body, ability to work, stability in the body, strength to bear pain, mitigation of increased Doshas and increase of gastric fire.
  • By doing the exercise, the gastric fire increases, due to which the digestion of food takes place properly. And the whole body gets nutrition in full quantity.
  • The ability to bear sufferings increases inside the body. Meaning, if any kind of minor injury has occurred inside the body, then it does not have any significant effect on the body.
  • Increases stability in the body. And there is a feeling of lightness in the body. When there is proper circulation of blood in the whole body by exercising, energy is provided to all the organs. And all the organs work smoothly. As a result, there is no heaviness in the body.

Disadvantages Of Exercising In Excess

exercise benefits

After this, there are also some disadvantages of exercising in excess.

  • Exercising excessively causes problems like exhaustion, relaxation in the mind and senses, decay of metals like Rasa, excessive thirst, bloody diseases, respiratory diseases, fever, and vomiting.
  • Meaning, if exercise is done in excess quantity, then the body feels tired. And there is an increased likelihood of relaxation of the mind and other senses. Rasa etc. metals get destroyed.
  • Thirst is felt in excessive quantity which is not good for gastric.
  • Blood bile diseases, diseases arising from bile start growing inside the body.
  • Respiratory diseases, diseases related to breathing arise and problems like fever and vomiting arise.


The Exercise: Definition, Benefits, Symptoms, Harms

Now there are some symptoms of exercise, that is, you are doing the exercise properly, it is a sign of it.

  • Sweating: We do physical activity too much, then there is sweating in the body.
  • Breathlessness: Increase in breathing means breathlessness sometimes.
  • Lightness in the limbs: Lightness in the limbs means that the organs start becoming light, then these are some symptoms of exercising.


prohibition of physical activity

Prohibition has been told, for some people that these people should not do it.

  • Those who have become emaciated by more sexual intercourse, more load-carrying, more travel.
  • And one who is afflicted by anger, grief, fear, and labor.
  • And children and old people should not do it.
  • Vata Prakriti i.e. people who have a lot of increased Vata inside their body should also not do it.
  • And those who are hungry and thirsty, such people should not do it.

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