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Today we are going to talk about how will you recognize your cheating friend? Or how to recognize a person who is living with you but you have doubts about him whether he is cheating with you? Fake Friends Signs: How to identify false friends? So let’s talk about this today.

Fake Friends Signs

(1) Check About Him Whether He Is A Slanderer Or Not

Whenever you have to test a person or test a friend, first of all, check about him whether he is a slanderer or not? This means that whatever he talks to you, whatever your secrets are, he does not tell anyone else, right? Because these habits are found in many people, that they talk to you, but those things are not digested in their stomach. And then he goes and starts talking to someone else. Tell them those things which were some of your secret things.

And many times it happens that later you definitely come to know from somewhere that this thing has been said by that person to some other person. And there you remain calm. While you should not remain calm. It should be clarified from that person whether he has done this or not? Meaning that a picky person can never be your true partner. Because he will always cheat you like this.

(2) Try To Hide The Truth

The second thing you will always find is that such people always try to hide the truth.
If any special knowledge comes to them or some special thing comes from which they feel that you too can grow. So he always tries to hide that thing. And they will not tell you because they think that you will grow by doing these things before them.

When a true partner and a true person never do this. He is not afraid of anything. Whenever he gets to learn something, he gets some knowledge from which you can also grow. So he will not keep that knowledge only with himself, he will discuss that thing with you too and will say that you must also do this thing. So that you too can grow.

(3) A Mean Person Or Mean Friend Always Comes To You Only When Needed

Mean Friend Always Comes To You Only When Needed

A mean person or mean friend always comes to you only when needed. You must have seen many people that they call you only when they need, only then they message you, or only then they come to meet you. And apart from this, whenever you have any work from them, they never give your reply. There will be many such people on your list too who will remember you only when needed. So you should remove them from your list at the first leisure.

(4) He Only Criticises You

People who can never or cannot be called your good friends, always tell you only your badness. Never tell you about your strengths. He is always jealous of you, that’s why he brings only your evils in front of you again and again so that you feel down.

There will definitely be such people in your life too, whenever they meet, they will only tell you your bad habits. That you are this or that. And you are troubled by thinking about those things that the person in front has told me my bad habit. In fact, it may be that it is your mistake, it may be bad, you keep working to improve them. But such people keep counting those things to you again and again. When you’ve done those things right. Even after that, he interrupts you by telling you again and again.

And a true partner, a true friend would never do that. He will also tell you your bad habit, and will definitely tell you what is good inside you. And it will also help you to eliminate those bad habits. And will definitely encourage you to do good.

(5) False Friend Will Always Be Jealous Of You

False Friend Will Always Be Jealous Of You

Next thing always remembers that any person who is not your true partner will always be jealous of you. Whenever you will get success or will get any position, he will not be happy with you. It will start burning inside. Whereas from the front he will show in such a way that he is also happy but he will never be happy with your success or anything you do. (Fake Friends Signs: How to identify false friends?)

Fake Friends Signs: How to identify false friends?

So you must also see these qualities in your friends. Because unless you live in a good environment you can never achieve success. So you should also know these qualities in your friends and make only those people who have such qualities as your friends. Remove the rest from your list. (Fake Friends Signs: How to identify false friends?)

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