Today’s topic is Food Impact On Body Be Vegetarian And Save Life. Lord Shri Krishna has said in the Gita that O Arjuna, the kind of food a man eats, his mind will also be the same. This means the food we eat, so will our nature become. It is also a truth that the living being is the food of the living being. But this does not mean that we should kill an innocent creature without any reason just for the taste of our tongue. This statement is applicable where one’s own life is at stake or on the Prakriti and nature of every living being.

Food Impact On Body (Why We Shouldn’t Eat Meat?)

Food Impact On Body Be Vegetarian And Save Life
  • Our food has a direct relationship with our thoughts. The food we eat creates Rasa in our bodies. The food that we eat produces Rasa, blood, meat, marrow, bones, fat, etc. metals in the body.
  • According to the food we eat, emotions are generated inside our body, waves are generated, then on the basis of that our thoughts are generated.
  • Our speech is born on the basis of that. Our actions are determined on the basis of that.
  • The effect of the food we eat is visible on our physical level, mental level, spiritual level, in our actions, in speech, on our face, in our eyes in all kinds of ways.
  • Where self-knowledge is discussed, yoga is discussed, Paramatma is discussed, focus of self-knowledge is discussed, the union of the soul with God is discussed, there is a discussion of a living being on his own. Eating its flesh by cutting it for the taste of the tongue is not less than an introduction of inhumanity, poverty.
  • Meat-eating is completely against our body composition, nature, and action. Our body is not made for meat.

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Food Impact On Body Be Vegetarian And Save Life
  • In general, when we eat meat, when the meat of any animal is eaten, then a lot of energy is needed in the body to digest it, a lot of temperatures is needed. If there is not enough temperature or enough energy inside our body to digest the non-vegetarian food, then that food lying inside our stomach gets rotten. And causes many types of diseases. If it is digested, then the entire energy of our body is used to digest that meat. And which has a bad effect on those parts of the body.
  • Hundreds of types of dishes are available on our earth. In every season, fresh and different types of vegetables, different types of fruits are available. And which are completely healthy for our body. Even after all this is available, it is not a good thing to eat the flesh of an innocent creature without any reason, without any need.
  • If a person thinks about this thing with his eyes closed for a moment. And thinks for a while what is the effect on the body by eating the flesh of a living being? And what is being gained from it? If man can awaken his consciousness a little for some time, then no person will be able to kill any living being even if he wants to.

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