Some important things or rules regarding food are mentioned in the text of Ayurveda. Always take food according to your work.

Essential Things About Food

Food: You Should Know Healthy And Antagonistic Food

(1) If you have to do strenuous physical exertion, then take a more nutritious diet. If it is a work of light physical exertion, if it is done by sitting, then only light and easily digestible food are beneficial for you.

(2) Eat food at a fixed time every day.

(3) Do not swallow the food immediately after putting it in the mouth. Chew the food thoroughly and eat it, by doing this the food gets digested easily. Moreover, Don’t be in a hurry to eat.

(4) Do not be busy talking while having food.

(5) Do not eat more spicy and sweet and fried foods. This increases the chances of getting diseases in the digestive system.

(6) After taking food, you must take a rest for some time.

(7) Take care not to eat any food item too hot or too cold.

(8) And do not eat something cold immediately after eating hot, or drink cold water.

(10) While taking food, keep your mind and brain free from worry.

(11) Do not make a habit of taking digestive powder or any other such medicinal substance after meals. This increases the chances of weak digestion power.

(12) If possible, take warm milk while sleeping at night.

(13) Eat as much food as you are hungry, the temptation to eat delicious dishes in large quantities can be harmful.

(14) Do not consume curd or lassi at night.

List Of Healthy Foods

Food: You Should Know Healthy And Antagonistic Food

Now we know about healthy food. Meaning which two food are healthier when eaten together and about the food which when eaten with each other increases its properties or nutrients.

Generally, It is given in the texts of Ayurveda that which food is a proper match to eat with whom.

(1) Dates and mango with milk.

Keep in mind that Mango Shake is not being talked about here.
First, eat mango then drink milk or first drink milk then eat mango in this way.

(2) Amla powder or any dal with curd. Except for urad dal.

(3) Dry ginger or Jimmikand with jaggery.

(4) Ajwain with maize. And if you are eating cornbread, then put celery seed in it. By making a combination of both in this way.

So all this is being told, it is health-enhancing and if one food is fed with other wood, then the digestive system becomes strong and the body gets health.

(5) Fennel with Guava.

(6) Cardamom or ghee with banana.

(7) Radish with gram.

(8) Bajra roti with brinjal stuffing.

(9) Amla with moong.

(10) Curd with Bathua (lamb’s quarters).

(11) If the raita of Bathua is eaten, it is very healthy.

(12) Coconut with rice.

(13) Lemon with tomato.

(14) Black pepper with cheese.

While eating in this way, if these things are taken care of and some healthy foods are eaten together, then it is healthy. Generally, Our body gets all the nutrients from food. The digestive system is able to do its work well and our body is able to absorb the food completely.

Antagonistic Food

Antagonistic meal

Generally, there are some foods whose nature or properties do not match with each other, they are opposite to each other, they are called opposite diets.

Generally, Consuming an anti-diet continuously for a long time increases the chances of damage to many parts of the body along with the digestive system to a great extent.

Collecting from many texts of Ayurveda, a list has been made that which meal should not be eaten with whom.

(1) So first of all let’s discuss milk in the category of Antagonistic food. Which foods should be avoided with milk?

Generally, A diet containing curd, lemon, tamarind, radish, urad, watermelon, cantaloupe, Jabun, pomegranate, zucchini, moth, non-vegetarian, raw vegetables, sour and spices with milk, all these things should be avoided with milk.

(2) Jamun with curd. Cheese, cucumber, milk, watermelon, and cantaloupe should be avoided.

(3) Water, milk, curd, radish, garlic, and vegetables should be avoided with melon.

(4) Water, milk, curd, mint should be avoided with watermelon.

(5) Curd, lemon, and any sour substance should be avoided with kheer.

(6) Radish, ghee, grapes, and hot water should be avoided with honey.

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Food: You Should Know Healthy And Antagonistic Food

(7) Many people drink hot water by adding honey. But it has been clearly instructed in the books of Ayurveda that honey with hot water becomes an Antagonistic food.

(8) Milk with banana is an Antagonistic food. Many people drink milk by adding bananas to it. According to Ayurveda, this should also not be eaten or drunk.

Generally, Milk, curd, and matha should be avoided with bananas.

(9) Kheer with Khichdi

(10) Along with urad dal, milk, radish, and curd should be avoided.

So this is some antagonistic meal. If they are consumed for a long time, then the chances of causing a lot of damage to the digestive system and many other organs of the body increases and the body become diseased.
So try not to consume as many meals as you can remember.

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