Health is exactly like wealth. Unless we lose it, we are not able to understand the true value. When there is a major problem that is related to health. Then we think that we have to pay attention to our health now. If we take care of our health before getting sick, we will not be sick. The whole day you give as much time as mobile, game, TV. If you give a little bit of time for your health, there is a lot of positive change in health. Good Habits keeps the Body Healthy

Good Habits keeps the Body Healthy

  • Always sleep on your left side :
    • And, according to the stomach structure, sleeping right side, create a variety of problem Such as improper digestion, blood flow problem, heartburn. Many such diseases can be created.
    • And, according to the stomach structure, sleeping left side, stomach acids help to digest food.
Good Habits keeps the Body Healthy
  • Drink water:
    • In our busy lives, most people forget to drink water or think that they will drink water after work is completed. But doing so is detrimental to your health. Or when thirsty, they drink some water.which is not good at all for our health.
  • Walking Exercises :
    • To stay healthy according to WHO, we should walk 8000 steps every day. So walk You can do walking instead of using the elevator. If you go shopping nearby, you can go walking. Or at home, you can do a little walking after eating.
Good Habits keeps the Body Healthy
  • Do not eat junk food:
    • Ayurveda says that the root of any disease in the stomach. If we are able to keep our stomach healthy, our body will also be healthy. And it is most important to keep the stomach right, first do not eat junk food, and the second better digestion.
  • Chew your food thirty-two times:
    • 50% of food digestion inside our mouth and 50% of food should be digested inside our stomach. If the food is eaten well, the problem of digestion can be solved.
  • Create a Healthy Environment and Healthy Lifestyle:
    • If all your close friends are those who eat junk food, and have any other addiction, eat the market food, again and again, it will also affect you. And if they do not have an interest in the exercise, and they are not health conscious, it will also affect you. Be in the contact of people who are health conscious.
Good Habits keeps the Body Healthy
  • Keep natural food and homemade food in your food:
    • We can divide our food into three parts. Natural food, household cooked food, and market food.
    • If we buy anything, we see the brand and then take it. If good oil is poured into the machine and it is served well, it will work well. We cannot be careless with the body that we have, we should not spoil our health of market food and junk food.
  • Do Meditation, Pranayam, and Yoga:
    • For meditation, you can adopt any method, whether it is Vipassana meditation or Samarpan meditation. You should do meditation under the guidance of the Guru.
    • You can also do some pranayama, the Bhastrika pranayama, the Anulom Vilom pranayama, the Kapalbhati pranayama. But in the beginning, stay under the supervision of the guide and do pranayama. (Good Habits keeps the Body Healthy)
Wake up early in the morning
  • Sleeping early at night and getting up early in the morning is good for your health:
    • If you work all day, the body should get full rest and adopt this habit. So that you can feel completely freshened up. So for that Sleep early at night, and wake up early in the morning.

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