Nowadays we hear so many people complain that I am very sad, they complain so much time and their lives become difficult. Some people also say that I am extremely anxious, that I am very busy. Good Thoughts makes you happy.

Good Thoughts Make your life

Good Thoughts Make your life
  • You only become the way you feel and think.
  • You should make a resolution that you are happy for the whole day, you have a pure, simple spirit. I accept everyone as he is. I do not want anything from anyone.
  • Don’t expect anything from anyone.
  • The resolution creates creation. If You will think well, it good for you. Always think that I am perfect and healthy. My family is united. We give each other love and Respect. We accept each other.
  • Remove negative thinking from the mind. Think of thinking.
  • My karma is my destiny and my thinking is my karma, so my thinking becomes my destiny. So think carefully. Be awakened to your thinking.

Good Thoughts For Mental Health

Good Thoughts
  • You should also take care of your health, the body as well as your mind. Everyone teaches, keep your attention. Don’t be afraid because fear makes you weak.
  • Don’t look at your phone when you wake up in the morning because by paying attention to the phone in the morning, you bring all the things in the world to your mind.
  • The morning time is to remember the supreme soul. The morning time is to awaken your inner powers.
  • If in the morning, the thought of the world is in our minds, then we will also have the same mind that is taking place in the world.
  • It is important to change the mindset, so we see what we read, speak, and think. It is very important to pay attention to that.
  • The first thought of the morning, the first resolution, should be thanks to God.
  • There are so many things to complain about nowadays, but if we turn our minds to thank you rather than a complaint, you give yourself a better gift.
  • Thanks to yourself, to the whole world and to humanity. This thank you thinking is going to fill your life with joy and keep your life-changing awesome.
  • Our resolutions become our reality. So, make a good resolution. My mind is above the situation and behavior, the things don’t disturb my mind. My mind remains constant, for I’m powerful. I’m feeling calm. Don’t let your strength go into the indignant, irritable, outrage.
  • I am unafraid, my body is healthy, and always will be. The power of God is with me, the blessings of God are with me. God has created a special protective shield for me because I have a special one for God and God is special to me.

Nice Thoughts Before Go to Bed

Nice Thoughts Before Go to Bed
  • Leave it, the news of the world, and everything we see on TV for one hour before bedtime.
  • You should not look at the things of your work, nor should you read it.
  • Our mind wants one hour. Then its speed is slowing down. The mind is relaxed and powerful as we sleep. Only then will our body receive that energy and our bodies become healthier too.
  • Until bedtime, other spiritual studies and moral thought should be in mind.

Better Thinking For Food

Better Thinking For Food
  • Sattvik Food is very effective. Even the food that we consume affects our minds. Our dietary vibrations affect our state of mind.
  • There is a negative vibration of non-vegetarian food. Because the energy of that animal was what the state of mind was, the vibrations are not safe for us at this time. We should not eat such food which is full of negative vibrations of fear.
  • Remember God’s psalms, mantras, names while cooking. The name of God, the memory will change the energy of every single thing, food, water, vegetable, fruit. And it does send good vibrations.
  • So that food will become offerings and that water will become nectar.
  • Should not watch telephones or televisions when you eat.
  • Our destiny is in our hands, only thinking should be correct.

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