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Here procedure, method, and benefits are given of Halasana. It removes belly fat. It gives you better health.

Halasana - Procedure Benefits and Precautions

How to do Pre-Halasana

  • laid down on the carpet and Place your hand near the thigh.
  • Move the legs up.
  • Keeping the feet up, bring the feet together and take them away.
  • You should practice this asana after practicing Pre-Halasana.
  • Practicing the Halasana will help those whose spine does not bend with this asana.

Procedure: How to do it?

Halasana - Procedure Benefits and Precautions
  • Do not do posture immediately after eating.
  • The stomach should be empty.
  • You have to decide at any one time at which you can give proper time to your asana.
  • Yoga brings a lot of positive changes in your life.
  • You will feel a change in your thought, mind, body.

Steps of Halasana

(1) Spread the carpet on the ground.
(2) Laid down on the carpet.
(3) keep both the palms of both the hands have to be inverted on both sides of both thighs.
(4) Take a deep breath and without bending the knees slowly straighten both legs upside together
(5) Move both legs backward. (6) Remember one thing do not bend both legs from the.
(7) And try to keep both toes touching the ground. Keep feet straight and do not bend your knees, The feet should not be bent from the knees.
(8) Exhale slowly and both hands leaned down towards the back.
(9) Stay some time in this asana if possible.
(10) come back to the previous position

Benefits of Halasana


(1) spinal nerves, back muscles, spine beads, and nourishes the system that passes through both sides of the spinal code.
(2) Halasana keeps the spine soft and elastic.
(3) Regular practice of this asana makes a person active.
(4) makes a person inspired, dynamic, and full of energy.
(5) It relieves inflammation of various muscles and nerves.
(6) Halasana removes constipation and increases the digestive power of the stomach.
(7) Abdominal muscles become stronger and bring beauty to the face as it bleeds well


  1. Don’t do asana in waist problem.
  2. Don’t do Halasana in pregnancy and menopause.
  3. If you have a disease like sciatica or have a pain in the throat or neck, you should not do this asana.
  4. Don’t do asana in heart problems and sciatica.

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