Today’s topic is Healthy Morning Routine: The Best Way To Change Life. Our daily routine is very important both mentally and physically. Our whole life is spent on the basis of the kind of routine we have. And the way our days pass, our whole lives are based on that. For a healthy and happy life, we have to make some changes in our daily routine. In this article, we will discuss ten such things which should be done as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Healthy Morning Routine: The Best Way To Change Life

(1) Sense Of Gratitude

  • First of all, as soon as you open your eyes, as soon as you wake up from sleep while lying on the bed, move all the parts of your body and thank God.
  • Thanks to God that we have got an opportunity to live life one more day. We have got such a happy and beautiful life by the grace of God, thank God for that.

(2) Massage The Saliva On The Eyes

  • After this, there is a divine medicine inside our mouth which is called saliva. Take it in your finger and massage it around your eyes and apply it to the eyelids. So that the eyes can get health and the power or light of the eyes can increase.

(3) Pat The Whole Body With Light Hands

  • And after that sit on your bed and pat the whole body with your hands, palm or fingers with light hands on different parts of the body. By doing this all the parts of the body are awakened. And the circulation of blood in the body is done well.

(4) Water Should Be Drunk On An Empty Stomach

  • After this, drink a little warm water without rinsing. Drink lukewarm water, drink a glass or two glasses or as much water as it can easily drink.
  • By drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning, all three are balanced in the body, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. And the internal organs of the body get cleaned properly.

(5) Excrete Feces And Urine After Drinking Water

  • After drinking water, excrete excreta. And feel the body light. Make it a habit to be fresh in the morning. Due to which the dirt of the body comes out and you feel fresh. And the body will also be able to do its work better.

(6) Massage The Oil All Over The Body

  • Massage your whole body with oil. Mustard oil is best for massaging, after that coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil or any other oil can be used.
  • By massaging the body with oil, all the parts of the body are able to do their work easily.
  • Generally , because of that the skin remains soft and the circulation of blood in the body is possible.

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(7) After That Take A Bath

  • After that take bath. Clean the teeth and the external parts of the body thoroughly.
  • Use chemical-free soap while bathing. For bathing, you can use Ayurvedic Ubtan according to the very popular and traditional practice, which is very beneficial for the skin.

(8) Offer Water To Suryadev

  • After retiring from bath etc., offer water to the Sun God. This process is a very important process according to the Sanatan system.
  • Offering water to the Sun God gives peace of mind. Many types of mental diseases and diseases of the eyes can be avoided.

(9) Do Swadhyaya

  • After that do Swadhyaya. Swadhyaya means the study of religious texts. Doing this brings positivity to our thoughts.
  • And the atmosphere of the house remains pure.

(10) Do Some Yoga Practice

  • And after this, do some yoga practice in the tenth and last action, as much as you can easily take out time. To protect overall health.
  • Generally, In which there are some exercises, asanas, pranayama, and meditation activities. By doing this, complete health can be achieved.

And after that have breakfast again and start your other daily activities.

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