Today’s topic is How to attain Siddhis Powers through Prana? In order to achieve success in the spiritual path, it is very important for the practitioner to purify his Prana Vayu. Purification of Prana Vayu is the key to success. When Pranavayu starts purifying, then success will start. That is why the purity of Prana is very helpful in every spiritual success. Similarly, it is very important to control the Prana in order to achieve accomplishment. With the control of prana, the conscience becomes pure.

This affects the subtle body and the subtle world of the practitioner. Siddhis are related to the Vyuthana stage, so seekers should stay away from it, as it is a hindrance to the spiritual path. Therefore, one should always be careful with them. It serves to deceive the practitioner. Therefore it should always be avoided. Let me make one thing clear, these siddhis cannot be attained by every practitioner. This happens because of the Karmasyo situated on his mind.

Difference In Siddhis

How to attain Siddhis Powers through Prana?

Some siddhis are attained by the seekers themselves while practicing. Such practitioners are yogis of the past. Those who have not practiced yoga in the past, do not get these siddhis even after making efforts. There is also a difference in achievements. As (1) at the time of yoga practice, it starts attaining itself or gets it in the proper state. (2) In order to achieve some siddhis, a particular type of sadhana has to be practiced with utmost rigor for a long time, it is very important to have guidance for achieving such siddhis. Only then can such accomplishments be achieved. Otherwise, it will not be received.

When Do You Get Achievements (Siddhis)?

How to attain Siddhis Powers through Prana?
  • Such practitioners, who automatically get siddhis during the practice of yoga, have attained the higher stage by rigorous practice in previous lives. In the first stage of the land of the mind, the seeker does not get siddhis. When the practitioner’s practice is going on in the second state of the land of the mind, then the siddhis come in front of that practitioner and start giving temptation. The practitioner should not fall prey to these temptations. If the practitioner gets entangled in these siddhis, then there is sure to be stagnation or downfall in his sadhana.
  • These siddhis work only on the strength of yoga. As long as the yoga force of the seeker remains, these siddhis continue to work. When the power of yoga is exhausted, siddhis stop working. Then everything earned by the seeker goes away. These siddhis are attained or begin to happen from the opening of the throat chakra to the opening of the Brahmarandhra door. As the practice of the seeker increases, so does the ability of these siddhis to work. It is clear from this that these siddhis work only according to the ability of the seeker.

Types Of Siddhis

How to attain Siddhis Powers through Prana?
  • I am writing the names of some such siddhis. Let me tell you one thing again, not every practitioner gets these siddhis nor can they get it, no matter how much effort the seeker may try in such a state. Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Ishita, Vashita are eight siddhis. During the period of spiritual practice, one gets Dur-Darshan (far-sightedness), Dur-Shravan (far-hearing), Vachasiddhi, foreshadowing (knowledge of future events, etc.), etc.
  • No special effort is required for these accomplishments. Divya-Drishti also works in the same way as Siddhi. The ability to see the divine vision is not the same in all seekers. There is a difference in the ability to see even in a divine vision. This happens because of the practice of yoga done in the previous birth. For this reason, there is a difference in the ability of all the gurus to guide. Some accomplishments can also be achieved by one’s own effort. For them, a special kind of very hard sadhana has to be done.

About Khechari Mudra (How to attain Siddhis Powers through Prana?)

How to attain Siddhis Powers through Prana?
  • I am writing a little about one accomplishment. There is a special type of pulse in the throat. The relationship between that pulse and Pranavayu is such that if it is controlled, the practitioner gets control over hunger and thirst. It also does not mean that he will never feel hungry at all. It will certainly be that there will be a need to eat very little food. The structure of this pulse is of a special kind. Even the skilled practitioners of Khechari Mudra get the right over hunger.
  • Knowing about the practice of Khechari Mudra, in the state of samadhi, one has to bend the tongue towards the inside of the mouth and point it towards the opening of the throat. A special type of thick sweet liquid dripping from the upper part of the head is taken on the front part of the tongue. Even because of that sweet and thick substance, one does not feel hungry. (How to attain Siddhis Powers through Prana?)

Siddhis Are Extremely Secret And Rare (How to attain Siddhis Powers through Prana?)

Siddhis are extremely secret and rare

At the time of Pranayama, the duration of inner Kumbhaka has to be increased very much. To increase the duration of Kumbhak, one has to stay mostly on less food. For such siddhis, the actions situated on the mind also start obstructing. Therefore, the practitioner should make such efforts only at the culmination of samadhi, because the highest degree of accomplishments is achieved by the restraint of the air element and the sky element. For this, the number of sanskaras situated on the mind should be negligible. Such practitioners will find only a few in the world. Therefore these Vidyas are extremely secret and rare. Many ignorant people, due to a lack of knowledge about these disciplines, consider them as false talk. And even these knowledgeable people are not available nowadays. Even if someone is knowledgeable on this earth, they keep themselves secret. (How to attain Siddhis Powers through Prana?)

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