How to Control Emotions? Today we’re going to see how the emotions to be controlled. How one can become more intelligent this helps you in your career, help you to avoid bad situations. negative emotions stop anyone from positive thinking.

How to Control Emotions? |Solution In Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta

How to Control Emotions?
  • Lord Krishna answered this question to Arjuna in the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.
  • Arjun asked Krishna who inspired man to commit sin. man is being forced to commit sin, even if he does not want it himself. why men distract from their goal. why men can’t control their minds. Why does the mind seem to wander around? Then God answers him and says, “Arjun, desires have covered knowledge.” Desire is a fire that never gets over. As soon as a desire is fulfilled, the other desire begins to flourish in the mind. Much of this happened because of expectations.
  • Here, desire means any desire that is beyond your mission or goal. Any idea, any process that’s out of your goal is desire. Sense, mind, and intellect are the places where the desires are living.
  • If you want to conquer your desires, purify your senses, your mind, and your intellect. Control your Senses and Mind. Mind means conscious Mind (Buddhi) and sub-conscious Mind (Mind). The mind controls you or you control the mind. Or you are listening to the mind or the mind is listening to you.
  • Always put the right thing in your mind. If you think well, see well, speak well, listen well, do well, everything will be good. Your mind will give you the same what you have given to your mind.

Create a higher knowledge for discarding the lower consciousness.

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  • Create a higher knowledge for discarding the lower consciousness. You can never control, mind, emotion, or mood, but you can replace it.
  • You can’t solve a problem at the level of consciousness that created it. ‘abayas’ and ‘vairagya’ are solutions to every problem. ‘abayas’ means practice continuously to achieve the goal. And the ‘vairagya’ means that you remove everything that harms you means Leave bad things.
  • The mind is a collection of memories, emotions, and experiences. It includes all the good bad experiences, good bad feelings.
  • There are 36 kinds of powerful emotions. Like negative, positive, and neutral emotions. Do some creative like Create and feel your experience.

How to handle emotions in Social life, personal life, and professional life?

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  • If only one word of someone hurts you so badly, then it’s time for you to invest some time and energy in controlling your emotions.
  • Social life, personal life, and professional life success are also dependent on its control over its emotions. it is said that when you are feeling emotional it is better not to make any decision.
  • Because in 80% of cases the decisions taking emotionally became wrong. there is a scientific explanation that our brain can be divided into two parts one is the emotional system and the second is the ration system.
  • Even it is found in some different researches that one success in life depends only 20% on his IQ whereas the remaining 80% depends on his EQ. And IQ becomes fix for everyone by a certain age.
  • But EQ can be increased by anyone at an age by doing some simple practices.

Topmost Ways To Control Your Emotions

Topmost way to control emotions
  1. Find the reason and observe it all point of view:
    • Basically, whenever unexpected happens with us our emotional system starts to highjack our rational system. If you want to fix this problem. Then we have to train ourselves to see the big picture in every situation and able to see the big picture in every situation. the question we need to ask is why. If we see it from other’s points of view.
  2. Observe and Improve Habit:
    • Good habits are essential for the health of the body and the mind. Body and mental well-being are associated with the individual’s feelings. Always keep good habits.
  3. Change the way you think:
    • Turn your negative thoughts to positive thinking.
    • Always trust yourself and believe in the power of positivity.
    • Every emotion is born and process through certain thoughts. So observe your thought and give them true direction.
    • Thinking is the root of any kind of emotion.
  4. See the positive side of the situation:
    • When you see the positive side of situations it creates positive feelings and when you see the negative side of any situation it creates negative feelings.
    • Whichever kind of thought you choose, that kind of emotion you choose.
  5. Try to keep your mind thoughtless:
    • Man cannot live without thinking for a moment. If he does anything, he has thousands of thoughts in his mind.
    • Just focus on the work that you’re doing, and just think about what you need. Don’t put your mind into unnecessary thoughts.
  6. Control over your thoughts and you can control your emotions:
    • If there are thoughts, there are emotions and no thoughts, then not emotions.
    • If you think positive then positive emotions and if you think negative then negative emotions.
    • Able to choose your thoughts consciously in every situation.
different Feelings

know your emotional intelligence. And try to understand the depth of emotion why you feel good or bad in a particular situation. you have to think about your emotions and Should pay attention.

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