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Bindu Trataka is the first stage of the meditation Trataka. In Bindu Trataka, attention is paid to the point by making a mark on the wall. (How To Do Bindu (Dot) Tratak?)

Important Things

How To Do Bindu (Dot) Tratak?
  • A chart
  • blue sketch pen, Pen
  • Scissors
  • Tape (Sellotape)
  • And a pedestal (A seat will be required for sitting)
  • Soft small Hankerchief or Small Smooth white cloth

Steps To Put Chart On The Wall

How To Do Bindu (Dot) Tratak?
  • First put a chart on the wall. Put Sellotape on the corner of the chart. Put such Sellotape on the corner to make the chart stick. The chart has to be kept very straight. There should not be any shrinkage in the chart. Should be absolutely flat.
  • Now take a sketch pen. Draw a Small Circle (‘Bindu’ or ‘Point’). The small circle (point or ‘Bindu’) is to be drawn with the sketch pen on the chart at such a place so that there is no problem in ‘Bindu Tratak’.
  • The point should be exactly parallel to the eyes. Keep a point with maximum diameter of 2 mm.
  • The practitioner who wants to do ‘Bindu Tratak’ must be one meter apart from the chart.
  • Now do your posture at a distance of one meter. (How To Do Bindu (Dot) Tratak?)

How To Do Bindu Tratak?

How To Do Bindu (Dot) Tratak?
  • Care is always taken that on the posture, we sit in ‘Sahaj asana Mudra’.
  • Take a small soft cloth.
  • When you do ‘Trataka’, there is also itching in the eyes, burning sensation, and tears. So we do not have to scratch our eyes in this situation. But wipe it lightly with a soft cloth.
  • Keep in mind that your distance should be one meter from point.
  • The point on the chart should be placed at a place which is at the level of your eyes.
  • Many people have to think that we should keep a large point with a 1-inch diameter or keep a 2-inch diameter but do not keep a very big point.
  • Keep a point with maximum diameter of 2 mm.
  • Only you have to see this blue dot. Do not think of anything while doing Tratak and Don’t look here and there. Just concentrate on the dot (Bindu).
  • Is just you and is the blue dot. There is nothing other than this.
  • And know one thing, the place where you are practicing the trot point should not be very windy, that is, choose such a place where there is no wind on your eyes.
  • Due to this, if the wind blow will be very much on the eyes, then there will be some problems in the eyes and the eyes will blink.
  • The fan should not be run in the room where you are practicing Trataka. There is no air pressure in the eyes.
  • Look at the point carefully without blinking your eyelids.
  • For as long as you can see, the point (Bindu) has to be seen in ‘Bindu Trataka’.


Tratak Importance
  • Our nature is made up of sky, air, fire, water, and earth. Each element has its own color.
  • And these colors appear respectively at the time of ‘Bindu Tratak’.
  • First yellow color (earth) is visible, then green color – (water), red color (fire), ‘Dhumra’ color (white) – (air), blue color – (sky).
  • The actions or instincts we do are stored in a Circular form on the ‘Chitt’. So when this instinct comes out of the eyes, it comes out in the form of Tejas.

Precautions (How To Do Bindu (Dot) Tratak?)

Tratak Precautions
  • If You have any eye problem then please consult a doctor and then do Tratak
  • Do Tratak under the guidance of Guru.


Tratak FAQ
1Why should we do Tratak?
AnsTrataka is such a practice that everyone can do household, students, seekers, employees all can do Tratak.
2What is the benefit of doing Trataka?
AnsIt leads to mental development. And memory is also increasing.
3In how many ways can ‘Trataka’ be done?
Ans‘Trataka’ can be done in many ways. Some of it is like this.
‘Bindu Trataka’, ‘Tratka on the Law of Candle’ is also done, ‘Mirror Trataka’, ‘Tree Tratak’, ‘Sun Tratak’, Moon Tratak, Lamp (Dipak) Tratak, etc
4In ‘Bindu Trotak’, why make dots smaller?
Ans– The sight that comes from the eyes in the form of Tejas comes out like rays of light in the form of light and the rays are spread out, so when we try to collect the rays at some point and the smaller the point If the rays emanating from the eyes are concentrated in a small space, then those rays become equally powerful.
– That is, the rays that come out of the eyes in the form of ‘Tejas’ and if we practice to concentrate it on the smallest point, then it affects our mind. So by this, the mind also becomes fearless and strong. And it is important to be fearless in life.
5Why students should do Tratak?
AnsIncrease memory power, The brain’s microscopic cells develop. Concentrate power increases.
How To Do Bindu (Dot) Tratak?

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