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In Sanskrit, ‘Pad’ means leg, and ‘Hast’ means hand, so Padhastasana means that Yogasana in which you take your hands to your feet. This asana is also known as ‘Uttana asana’. Padastasana is also known as The Hands to Feet Posture or Hand under foot Pose in English. Let’s see How to do Padahastasana? Benefits, Precautions, and more.

Steps | How to do Padahastasana? Benefits, Precautions

How to do Padahastasana? Benefits, Precautions

(1) To practice this asana, first, stand up and make a distance of two inches between your legs.

(2) Now taking a long deep breath, keep both your hands straight towards the front and take them above your head.

(3) Pull your body as far above your waist as possible.

(4) In this state, while exhaling slowly, tilt your body forward till both your palms can touch the ground.

(5) Keep in mind that while bowing down, your arms and head bow down simultaneously.

(6) Keep in mind that if you have a problem of stiffness in the waist, then bend the waist as much as you can without any tension or discomfort.

(7) Now in this position, breathing and exhaling normally remained for 10 to 30 seconds.

(8) After bending in this position for 10 to 30 seconds, now take a deep breath and come up slowly and stand up straight.

(9) Make sure that your arms and head come up together while coming up.

(10) While doing this, both of your hands should be straight over the head.

(11) Now while exhaling slowly, bring both your hands down and relax.

Benefits of Hand Under Foot Pose

Hand Under Foot Pose

(1) The practice of Padahastasana makes your spine flexible.

(2) This asana gives women relief from the discomfort caused by menstruation.

(3) By doing this asana regularly, your digestive system also improves.

(4) Constipation is also prevented by doing this asana regularly.

(5) Excess fat is removed from the asana and the body becomes like a light flower.

(6) This asana bends the ‘Apan Vayu’ downwards.

(7) At the same time, all the benefits of Paschimottanasana can also be obtained from this asana.

Precautions of Padahastasana

How to do Padahastasana? Benefits, Precautions

(1) But if you have problems related to heart, back, and spine, or dizziness or abdominal swelling, do not do this asana.

(2) Hernia, high myopia and  also ulcer patients should not do this asana.

(3) Pregnant women should not do this asana.

Duration of Padhastasana

Duration of Padhastasana
  • This asana should be done carefully in the beginning without straining the body, gently bending the body slowly.
  • This asana can be done in the beginning according to the capacity of the body.
  • Then the asana can be practiced for 10 to 20 seconds according to the capacity of the body.

Know More About Padhastasana

How to do Padahastasana? Benefits, Precautions
1EnglishHand Under Foot Pose
3Time10 to 20 seconds
4Follow up Postures(1) Revolved Triangle Pose
(2) Wide-Legged Forward Bend
5Preparatory Postures(1) Vrikshasana
(2) Tadasana
(3) Surya Namaskar
How to do Padahastasana? Benefits, Precautions

The position of this asana and Paschimottansana is similar. The only difference is that this asana has to be done while standing. Hence this asana is called Padahastansana.

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