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One of the simplest methods of meditation is Soham meditation. Sohan is a Beej mantra-like Omkaar. There are many ways to use it. Sohna is also used in meditation. We will see its four steps. Soham Beej Mantra is one of the powerful Beej Mantra.

Benefits of Soham Meditation

How to do Soham Meditation? Benefits, Importance
  • Your awareness increases through Soham Meditation.
  • The stress at the level of body, mind, soul, and emotions is released. and You become stress-free.
  • That is one of the best methods for activating each cell of your body.
  • We also have stress at the level of ‘Prana’. Our ‘Prana’ continues to vibrate. And even from that level, it completely eliminates stress.
  • There is spiritual progress. There are positive changes in life
  • The person becomes attached to the Supreme Power.
  • Human feels all kinds of benefits, physical, mental, spiritual.
  • His thinking towards life changes completely and he feels the feeling of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’ Because God is everywhere and in everyone.

Importance of Soham Dhyaan

How to do Soham Meditation? Benefits, Importance
  • Soham practice is the union of the living being and the divine. What we do every day through our breath. We inhale and exhale. But we never pay attention to our breath. Therefore, we do not recognize it. Whenever we breathe, there is the sound of ‘So’ and when we exhale, there is the sound of ‘Hum’. If you try to listen to your breath carefully with concentration, then the same sound comes from our breath. Which gives the message of ‘Jiv’ and ‘Paramatma’ i.e. our soul and union of God.

How to do Soham Sadhna

How to do Soham Meditation? Benefits, Importance
  • To perform Soham Sadhana, sit in Padmasana, or Sukhanasana. and Keep eyes closed.
  • But keep in mind that the place should be quiet. Sitting calm and steady.
  • Keep the body straight and relaxed. Your spine should be straight.
  • And calm your mind, Brain, body, and concentrate on your breath. Let the breath remain as normal.
  • While breathing, try to listen to the sound of ‘So’ and feel that you are connecting with the supreme power.
  • Feel ‘Hum’ while exhaling. And feel that all the negative emotions in us like anger, arrogance, everything is going out.
  • Try to sit still and listen to the sound of Soham.
  • Breathe and exhale.
  • Maintain your connection with the supreme power.
  • By doing this process continuously, your concentration will increase. As a result of authentic effort and continuous effort, you will be able to hear this sound.
  • In meditation, you can give as much time as you want. After completion of the meditation, first, rub the hands together and then place both hands on the eyes and then slowly open the eyes.

Importance of Breath in Soham Meditation

Importance of Breath in Soham Meditation
  • Many types of meditation are given in our scriptures such as gross meditation, subtle meditation, light meditation.
  • ‘So’ means Supreme Power and ‘Hum’ means ‘soul’ (Jeevatma). So Soham means union of Brahma and Soul.
  • The only thing that happens automatically is the truth and it is the breath. Our breath that comes and goes is true. And this truth lasts from the beginning of life till death.
  • All we have to do in this is to pay attention to the ‘Poorak’ and the ‘Rechak’. The breath that is coming in is ‘Poorak’ and ‘Rechak’ means that our breath is going out. When we breathe, the sound of ‘So’ comes out and when we exhale, the sound of ‘Hum’ comes out. If you mix these two, then the voice of Soham will come. And this is Soham which is this Ajapa meditation.

And when a person descends into the depths of meditation, then he knows that the Soul and the Supreme Power are one.


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