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According to Hiranyasamhita, Swastikasana (The Auspicious Pose) is a very secretive and mysterious posture for yogis. With its practice, the body is also able to maintain a high level of stability. According to the ancient traditions, Swastikasana is a very easy and simple asana for meditation or asana.

How To Do Swastikasana?

How To Do Swastikasana (The Auspicious Pose)?
  • For the practice of Swastika posture, you will sit at your place with your knees straight and legs spread out. So First you have to sit in Dandasana pose to make sure your spine must be straight.
  • Keep your hands in the side and try it in the situation of Dandasana.
  • Now bend your right knee and place the bottom of the right foot behind the left knee.
  • Now bend your left knee and place the bottom of the left foot behind the right knee.
  • Keep the bottom of the right foot in the middle of the calf and thigh.
  • Similarly, place the left leg between the right thigh and the right leg calf.
  • And the fingers of the feet will be on the back of the knee.
  • This is Swastikasan. In this posture, any leg can be placed up or down.
  • Pay attention that both the thighs and calves are soled between each other’s feet and the fingers touch the back of the knee.
  • Keep hands in ‘Gyaanmudra’ (knowledge posture) and keep eyes closed.
  • By practicing this asana, the speed of breath should be kept moving normally.


Auspicious pose duration
  • This can be practiced any time as long as you can.

Beginner’s Tip

How To Do Swastikasana (The Auspicious Pose)?
  • In the early day if you have problems in doing asanas or those who have less body flexibility or are more obese, then in the initial days, people can practice in the beginning by taking the help of the wall. Or keep a thin pillow or blanket under their buttocks which will help them sit.

Benefits Of Swastikasana (The Auspicious Pose)

How To Do Swastikasana (The Auspicious Pose)?
  • With the practice of this, almost all the diseases of the body are destroyed and the Siddhi of Pranayama is obtained.
  • With its practice, all these problems related to the feet and pain in the muscles and the nervous system also end.
  • Swastikasana plays a very important role for Siddhasana.
  • To practice Sidhdhasana, first practice Swastikasan for some time.
  • The practice of Swastikasan brings joy, enthusiasm, courage and morale.
  • The practice of Swastikasan provides the energy, courage to move forward in the field of spirituality.

Precaution Of Swastikasana (The Auspicious Pose)

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  • As a precaution, keep in mind that if there is any problem related to sciatica and lower back, do not practice Swastikasana.

Know More

How To Do The Auspicious Pose?
English NameThe Auspicious Pose, Cross Pose , Siddhi’s Pose
Sanskrit NameSwastikasana
Preparatory PoseBadha Konasana, Sukhasana
Position or typesitting position

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