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Today we will practice Pawanmuktasana and learn about the context of its benefits and precautions. ‘Pawan’ means air. And ‘Mukt’ means to leave or to be free. This asana is useful in removing air from your intestines. This asana is also known as Wind Relieving Pose.

How to Do The Pawanmuktasana? Benefits, Precautions

How to Do The Pawanmuktasana?
  • To practice this asana, first lie down on your back.
  • First of all, spread both your legs and hands in a comfortable distance and lie on the back on the ground. Make sure that your palms face towards the sky. This condition is called Savasana.
  • Now moving on from Savasana. Combine both your legs. And bending your knees. Bring your thighs near your chest.
  • Make the fingers of both your hands interlock. And hold it near your calves under the knees.
  • Now exhaling, raise your head and shoulders until your chin touches the knees.
  • While doing this, you will feel the stretch in the lower part of your groin.
  • Keep your eyes tied and focus all your attention on your waist.
  • In this condition breathe normally and exhale.
  • And rested for a while.
  • After remaining in this position for some time, while breathing, put your head and shoulders back on the ground.
  • Now while exhaling, straighten your legs. And keep it on the ground. Come back and rest on the ground in Savasana posture.

Duration | How to Do The Pawanmuktasana?

  • Start this asana from 15 seconds in the beginning, after that as the body starts to settle in the posture, the time will continue to increase. And will take this time from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Benefits of Pawanmuktasana

How to Do The Pawanmuktasana?
  • Pawan Muktasan gives you relief from Vata. Decreases bloating sensation.
  • And Gives relief from flatulence.
  • This asana relieves you from constipation.
  • This asana improves digestion.
  • Pawan Muktasana fixes your spinal nerves.
  • This asana strengthens your back muscles.
  • Pawanmuktasan releases Diagnoses complex problems of the pelvis, lumbar region, muscle, ligament, tendon.
  • Pawan Muktsana stimulates your veins by increasing your blood circulation.
  • And increases the efficiency of your internal organs.
  • By practicing this asana, the back gets strength and the spine becomes flexible.
  • This asana provides benefits in stomach related diseases.
  • Along with this, this asana also plays an important role in an enlarged stomach.


Back and neck pain
  • If you have back pain or stomach injury, please do not do this asana.
  • Patients with hernia and sciatica should not do this asana.
  • Women should not do this asana in pregnancy.
  • If there is a pain in the neck, do not lift the neck up, only pull the knees near you.

Preparatory Poses

Ardha Pawanmuktasana
  • In Preparatory Poses, one can do Sulabh Pawanmuktasana means Easy gas release pose
  • Preparatory Poses, one can do Ardha Pawanmuktasana means Half gas release pose

Follow up poses

Dwi pada uttanpadasana
  • Follow up poses one can do Dwi pada uttanpadasana

Know More | How to Do The Pawanmuktasana? Benefits, Precautions

2EnglishWind Relieving Pose
2Follow up posesDwi pada uttanpadasana
3Preparatory PosesSulabh Pawanmuktasana
Ardha Pawanmuktasana
4Time30 seconds to 1 minute

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