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This posture has been given this name because while doing it our body i.e. hands, feet, and spine take the shape of a triangle. There is an asana called Trikonasana, which is called the Minister of Asanas because its effects are on those body parts which we are not able to do even by doing many postures. Let’s see How to Do Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)?

How to Do Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)?

How to Do Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)?
  • So to do this asana, you stand up straight.
  • Now stand with your feet at a comfortable distance.
  • Slowly raise your hands up so that they come in line with both your shoulders.
  • Make sure the hand is straight and on a level. Must not be above, below, forward, or back.
  • Keeping the paws of your left foot straight, rotate the paws of your right foot ninety degrees.
  • Now take a long and deep breath.
  • And then slowly exhale and tilt your body from the right side waist.
  • Try to touch your right heel with the right hand.
  • And raise your left hand up towards the sky.
  • May be some of you are not able to reach your hand till your heel.
  • So in such a way, take your hand to where your hand can reach without any stress.
  • Stay relaxed for a while in this situation.
  • Breathe normally and release.
  • Experience comfort in the whole body.
  • Now slowly breathe in, bring your body back upwards.
  • And straighten your right leg.
  • Now turn the paws of your left foot and repeat the same posture from your left side.

This asana is as simple as it is useful.

Benefits of Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)

How to Do Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)?
  • Trikonasana makes your waist muscles strong.
  • This posture also protects you from the problem of flat feet.
  • Makes thighs, shoulders, chest, spine strong and flexible.

Precautions of Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)

Slip Disc Image
  • But if you are suffering from neck, or back injury, slip disc, or sciatica, please do not do this asana.
  • When you take long and deep breaths and leave, it also relieves your mental tension and anxiety.

Know More

How to Do Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)?
1EnglishThe Triangle Pose
3Preparatory PoseKonasana
4Follow up PoseVeerbhadrasana
6PositionStanding Position
7Time30 seconds
How to Do Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)?

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