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There are some asanas that if someone is doing it or just by looking if someone is doing it, then by seeing it, there is a feeling of peace, joy, humility, dedication, the instinctive feeling is generated Only. One such posture is Yoga Mudra Asana. Let’s See How To Do Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)? More

Yoga Mudrasana Procedure

How To Do Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)? Benefits
Yoga Mudrasana
  • For the practice of Yoga Mudra Asana, you will come in any of these asanas like Padmasana, Ardhapadmasana, Sidhdhasana. Sit in one of the yoga postures.
  • And take your hands backward and hold the wrist of the left hand with the right hand or the wrist of the right hand with the left hand. And tie the fist of the other hand in such a way that the thumb is inward and fingers are outward.
  • Keep the back straight.
  • Take a long breath. While exhaling, continue to move the body forward.
  • Remember that as long as we stay in this position, the speed of the breath will continue normally.
  • And touch the ground with the forehead. Keep the back very straight and the eyes will be tied.
  • And then, while breathing slowly, come back to the previous position.
  • Yogamudrasana practice it slowly. Increase the time limit slowly. Start the exercise for 30 seconds. One minute can be done slowly from two minutes to five minutes.
  • Keep a sense of dedication while doing this practice. Completely surrender yourself.
  • Practice this while keeping in mind the devotion to the earth, to God, to the presiding deity, to the Supreme Father, the all-powerful.
  • After performing Yogamudrasana because it is a forward bending practice, then immediately do a back-bending exercise.
  • Camel posture(Ushtrasana), half posture(Ardha Asana), Bhujangasan (Cobra pose) should also do this type of back-bending exercise after this so that there is no damage to the back.

Yoga Mudrasana Benefits

How To Do Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)? Benefits
Yoga Mudrasana
  • Now, if we discuss the benefits, then from the physical point of view, then by this practice, stretch occurs in the waist, the entire spine, in the shoulders, and in the neck. Due to this, its flexibility increases and the blood is able to be operated properly.
  • And when pushed forward, pressure arises on the stomach and internal organs. Because of which all the organs are massaged and the organs are able to do their work easily.
  • This is a beneficial practice for the digestive system and for air disorders.
  • Its practice also provides physical stability and mental capacity.
  • Now, if we discuss the benefits of this practice from a spiritual point of view, then from this practice, dedication is felt, there is a sense of humility, there is spontaneity, there is a positive change in behavior. The ego helps to destroy anger. And you can move forward in the field of spirituality.

Yoga Mudrasana Precaution

How To Do Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose)? Benefits
  • As a precaution, remember that if cervical spondylosis, if there is any serious disease related to the back, do not practice it.
  • Do not treat high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, serious eye diseases, pregnant women, women during periods, slip discs, sciatica, or if the disease is an outbreak, then under the guidance of a good yoga guru

Know More About Psychic Union Pose

Psychic Union Pose
1Different Name Of This Posture1. Yoga Mudrasana
2. Psychic Union Pose
3. Yoga Symbol Pose
4. Yoga Seal Pose
2Timings1. For beginners 30 seconds
2. Then 1 minute can be done slowly from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.
3Follow Up Pose1. Bhujangasana
2. Makrasana
4Preparatory Poses1. Ardha Padmasana
2. Janu Sirsasana


Sitting in yoga posture-padmasana, tie your hands behind your back and leave your breath, bend forward and apply the forehead on the ground, stop for 10-20 seconds or stop for one minute and keep taking light breaths.
In Yoga Mudrasana, the above action is to be performed by sitting in vajrasana.

Postures have special importance in yoga. There are many benefits that we get from Mudra. And through Mudra, in the short term, we get some more benefits. Yoga mudra basically strengthens our spinal codes. And in the problem related to the stomach, it is also beneficial.

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