Today’s topic is How To Find Your Passion When You Are Depressed. There are many people who are working without any goal. There are many people who do not understand what they have to do in life? What is it to be? And they are going on doing some work. When they have absolutely no desire to do that work. So the question comes then why do they do that work? So today we will know deeply about How To Find Your Passion When You Are Depressed.

The General Reason Behind Doing Any Work

How To Find Your Passion When You Are Depressed

(1) Advice by parents

  • The first thing could be that they were asked to do this work by their parents.
  • Many times you also keep doing some work because your father has said that this work is very good for you.

(2) Seeing someone to work

  • The second thing can be that there is an elder sister in your house who is considered more intelligent than you, which must have happened to you at some point or the other. Or you have a cousin who is working in some field and your family members say that look how good he is doing, you should also do the same. So you also do the same thing after seeing the same.

(3) Being influenced by society

  • The third thing could be that you are socially influential. Meaning that if you are influenced by your society, see how well he is doing, even if I do that work, I will probably be very good.
  • And coming under the influence of society, you also do the same work that all the other people are doing and you also become a part of it.
  • Whatever work you are doing till now, you are doing it without your will. If you do not understand what to do, if you do not know the destination itself, then do the work that your people are telling you.
  • And many times it happens that we ourselves take the opinion of people and ask them what I have to do, I am not able to understand this.

How To Find Your Passion (Goal)

How To Find Your Passion When You Are Depressed

In this article, we will understand how you yourself can find out without any help what you have to do in your life. Because one thing is certain that if you do not do the work of your choice, then you will never be as happy in your life as you can live.

So today we will know how to find your passion easily. How do you find out what you want to do in your life?

(1) Do what you love

  • Do whatever you like. You will go to any great person, you will go to the successful person who according to you is more successful today but when you ask him what should I do in my life. So every person will tell you that whatever work you like, do it. There are only 4 to 5% of people on this earth who do the same work which they like.
  • Now listen carefully to why he says this. Whenever you spend more time with someone or that work that you love very much, then you do not even know the time. You are always engaged with that person or with that work. This is what happens when you do the work you love.
  • But think and see that a person who does not like you at all and sits near you. And it has been only five minutes but you feel as if time does not pass and think when this person will leave you. This is what happens when you do things you don’t like.

Motivate Yourself To Do Something Best (How To Find Your Passion When You Are Depressed)

  • Now the person who finds what he has to do, then two conditions will come here too. First of all, he knows that if I love this thing very much, then he will do the work and he must keep doing the same work. And if you know very well that you like this work very much. But even after that, you are not doing that work. But the second thing can happen in this that you are afraid that if you do that work and if you are not successful then what will people say, what will the society say and because of this also many people never do the work of their choice.
  • There were so many people in the world who came to know at first that what they want from their life. What is it that they love the most, they know?
  • You all know Elon Musk, in his childhood, was interested in technology, in space, in all these and he knew exactly in which field he had to move forward. He could find them. Similarly, Sachin Tendulkar was also interested in cricket and he did the same and they got success. So we understood what do you love.
  • First of all, see if you have come to know what you are interested in. Which category do you belong to and what do you want? What are you interested in? So do that.
  • It has even been talked about 4 to 5% of those people who know what to do what you love.
  • Now we know about 95% of those people who do not even know what they want in their life. What do they like and what don’t, what is right for them and what is not right for them?

(2) Find What You Love

How To Find Your Passion When You Are Depressed
  • The second way is to Find What You Love. Now, these people have to use another method which I call find what you love. It means that you have to find that thing. Now the question will come to your mind that how to find it. So for this, search your mind about what you are interested in, in which you can do better. And as long as you get the happiness of your mind and you are able to do better and you are satisfied, then understand that you have found your destination.
  • And there is also a reason that whatever work you are doing, first of all, ask yourself the question, do you love that work. Is that work for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Does that work look so good that you are spending hours in that work and you are enjoying that work? If yes, then definitely do that work, if not then shift to other work. And choose your favorite work which you can really enjoy.
  • You must also have a thought that if you keep changing the work, again and again, you will not be able to do anything or will not be able to settle down or people will say that they are not able to stay in one place.
  • So don’t pay attention to the people because in doing something new, you have to take the risk of doing something new. Everything is not easily available, the price has to be paid.
  • So now the question comes at what age should this work be done. So 15 to 25 years is the time to take risks. And if you are above 30 then you know your skill, know your responsibility, know your family and after that take the risk.

Top Most Questions To Find Your Real Goal

Asked yourself these four questions, if the answer is yes, then that is your real goal.

(1) Do you really love that work?
(2) Will that work improve you?
(3) Is that work needed by society?
(4) Can you get money from this work in the future?

If the answer to all these questions is yes and you have followed both the procedures. It really means this thing is your goal. And you can proceed with this work with confidence. So this is about how to find your passion when you are depressed.

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