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Today’s topic is How To Help Others Essay: The Best Way. The way and meaning of helping may be different for each person. Some people help by showing them, they believe that if other people see that they will be inspired by that thing, then they too will be able to help others. Whether to show it, but to help someone. (How To Help Others Essay: The Best Way)

But the thinking of a lot of people is that you should help someone but not show him what you have done for someone.

How To Help Others Essay: The Best Way

How To Help Others Essay: The Best Way

We understand this thing with a very beautiful story. Once a man was going to see a fair with his whole family. The whole family was very excited because after a long time the whole family was going to someplace. Children were very excited that today we will swing, eat ice cream and have a lot of fun. And his wife was also very excited that I would also take a lot of things for the house. And that person was also very excited that today I am going to the fair with my family after a long time.

How To Help Others Essay: The Best Way

Now another person was also very excited to go to the same fair and who was of very poor condition but he had to take his children, his wife to the fair because his wife and children were asking to go to the fair for a long time. Now he was very excited and was getting ready to go to the fair. Wear whatever clothes they had and go out to see the fair.

Now when there was a line to go inside the fair, then the poor person and the person who was from the other family. Both of them lined up to take the ticket. Now as soon as the poor person reached the ticket counter, the person at the counter asked how many tickets do you want? The poor man said five for my children, one for my wife, and one for me, meaning seven tickets are needed. That person said that okay you give me 700 rupees.


Now on hearing this, the earth slipped from under the feet of that poor person. Because he had only two hundred which he had saved with him to go to the fair. Now he was stunned for a while. He contemplated what he should do next. He looked back and saw that his five children were very excited, his wife was also very happy.

For a moment he looked at his wife and children to see how happy he was. But he does not have enough money for the ticket, the person at the counter again asked that hey brother, bring money, there is a lot of crowds behind, cut your ticket. That person put his hand in the pocket but only 200 rupees came in his hand, he got a little more scared and was scared that I do not have money, what should I do? He started thinking too much.

ice cream

And that person was thinking a lot, was getting very confused, only then a person got his hand from behind and said that hey, brother, your money has fallen down. You take that money. That person looked back and thought my money? I had 200 rupees which are in my hand. But he looked down, a 500 note was lying. Now that person could not understand anything at that time. All he could see was the happiness of his family. He quickly picked up that 500 rupees and gave it to the ticket person. And that person gave all the tickets in his hand.


When the person at the counter gave the ticket to that person, he said that with this ticket you can also swing inside and swing and eat something. So that person was very happy that the ticket is expensive but in this, I did a very good job.

Now that person left from there but the person who behind came out of the line and went back to his family. The family members asked that you brought the ticket, that person said that no, I could not get the ticket. And today we are not going to the fair, we will go to the fair sometime again. Today we will go to our house after eating ice cream from outside. So his children asked why Papa? Why are we not going to the fair today? You had gone to get tickets, then why are we not going to the fair?


Then his wife told his children that today we are not going to the fair. Because of their father, someone else is going to the fair today. His wife was watching everything and she noticed that when the man was leaving, he had only 200 rupees in his pocket and after that, he got very nervous. Her husband took out his 500 rupees and threw it down. and gave it to that person. That person did not even know who gave this 500 rupees. And today your father had brought only 500 rupees which he has given to that person. So today we are not going to the fair, we will go to the fair sometime again.


When you help someone, Don’t help to show off, you help someone for your happiness so that someone else can be happy because of you. (How To Help Others Essay: The Best Way)

What kind of help do you like? You want to show that people are inspired or you want to help a person without any pretense so that he can actually be helped. (How To Help Others Essay: The Best Way)

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