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Today’s Topic is How to lucid dream? The secret of the Dream. Your subconscious mind sends you messages every night called astral dreams. Which you and I call Sapne in Hindi. Dreams have a lot of importance in the world of meditation. Science and various scientific research have also discovered that dreams are very important for your body.

What Is Oneirology?

What Is Oneirology?
  • What you dream of has a great connection to your real life. That is, do not take dreams lightly. What are dreams? And why do strange things happen in dreams? Why does slip paresis sometimes occur? And why do dreams sometimes come true?
  • There is a different field in science to understand your dreams. In which millions of scientists work. This field is called Oneirology. But despite the work of so many scientists, no one has been able to find to date that why do you and I dream at all?

Why Don’t You Remember Dreams Completely?

How to lucid dream? The secret of the Dream
  • But in the world of Spirituality, there is an answer to all the questions. You dream at night and wake up in the morning and tell yourself that man, I saw something strange in my dream, I do not remember well but I saw wonderful things in my dreams. That dream was not making any sense. I see such dreams every day, but I never really remember what I see. Ever wondered why you can’t understand dreams properly? And why don’t you remember dreams completely?
  • Actually, dreams show you a greater part of this reality. Meaning that what is possible in this universe, the dream shows you that. You see things beyond this universe (Astral Dream) in your dreams. And this is the reason because of which you do not remember dreams.
  • Or else, if you remember, there are blurry, blurry memories. Every night you do many experiences in your dreams that you do not remember properly when you wake up in the morning. This means that you can not really know what you experienced in the dream. You can’t even know what you saw in your dream.

Understand It With An Example (How to lucid dream?)

How to lucid dream? The secret of the Dream
  • It just so happened that you paused the world and after leaving the world, you experienced different dimensions and you deliberately erased your memory, after that you came back to this world and this world continued from there. In a way, after the pause, you played. So in this case you don’t even know what experience you did, because you stopped the time, what did you experience? You intentionally deleted it from your memory. Then when there is a continuation again, then you will feel that everything is going normal. But in reality, you did a lot of experiences which you do not remember, dreams are also similar.
  • In dreams, you see other dimensions. And you do not remember that, as I told you earlier, according to the experiences of different people, your spirit travels astrally in dreams. But you don’t have that memory with you. At night, your spirit separates from your body and goes to the interdimensional quantum rem and you do not remember anything.

Stages Of Sleep

How to lucid dream? The secret of the Dream
  • In today’s world of social media, many people will not sleep till 12 o’clock. So I believe that you went to sleep at twelve o’clock, as soon as you go to sleep, you will reach stage N1. That is a stage in which you are slowly moving towards sleeping. And then comes Stage N2. This is a stage in which you fall asleep very well, but the slightest sound can wake you up. And then comes Stage N3. This is the deepest sleep stage, the most fun, deep and cool sleep. In which you have no dreams. But after this N3 stage comes R.E.M sleeps (Rapid Eye Movement). This is the stage in which you have dreams.

How To Know Whether Someone Is Dreaming Or Not?

How To Know Whether Someone Is Dreaming Or Not?
  • This is a very interesting fact, if a person is sleeping and you want to know whether he is dreaming or not, then you look in his eyes if there is even a slight movement of the eyelids. And if you feel even the slightest thing that his eyes are moving inside, then understand that he is dreaming.
  • Rapid Eye Movement, Movement of the eyes and if there is no movement of the eyes then it means that he is not dreaming. So this was an extra fact which I told you. If you come back to dreams, then when you go to sleep, then after about 90 minutes, that is, after completing N1, N2, N3 after one and a half hours, you go to the (Rapid Eye Movement) REM stage, that means in 90 minutes you You go to Rem. So if you go to sleep at twelve o’clock, you will go to that stage of slip by one and a half o’clock when the magic starts i.e. Dreams. You start having dreams only after 90 minutes of sleeping. Before that your spirit is in your body itself.
  • If people’s experiences are to be believed, then this is the time which is one and a half hours after sleeping when you unconsciously experience inner dimensional dreams. About which you do not remember anything, just remember that I was dreaming something. So is there any solution? Is there such a way? So that you remember what you were seeing in the dream. So that you can know that which you roam outside your body every day. Its solution is yes, yes it is possible. And it’s called lucid dreaming.

When Lucid Dreaming Started Spreading

When Lucid Dreaming Started Spreading
  • Around 2010 when the Internet and the online world was just emerging. Then a new superstition called Lucid dreaming started spreading. According to people, lucid dreaming is such a dream that you can control and you can create and live in whatever world you want. According to that superstitious lucid dreaming, it is a dream of a time in which you know that you are dreaming.
  • Tell me one thing, it was not superstition in fact, it was superstition till the year 2012 because this superstitious lucid dream actually became a science fact in 2013 when it was researched. Lucid dreaming was proved at Max Planck Institute Germany.

Max Planck Institute Germany Lucid Dreaming Experiment

Max Planck Institute Germany Lucid Dreaming Experiment
  • The scientist there asked a person to sleep and said that when you will sleep and after that when you are dreaming, first raise your right hand once and then raise your left hand once.
  • Like I have told earlier that when you sleep and dream then you become paralyzed for that long. So it cannot happen in any situation that you can raise your hands in a dream because if you are dreaming and you are able to raise your hands, then that person knows that let me start dreaming. Now as he said, I raise my right hand and then my left hand once.
  • And that person did exactly the same thing. And then not only on that person, this experiment was also done on many people and it proves that in the dream you can know that you are dreaming. You can do anything.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

What Is Lucid Dreaming?
  • There are also many such budhdhist books which teach us how to know in a dream that you are dreaming.
  • So what is this lucid dreaming altimetly? Lucid dream means a dream in which you know that you are dreaming. Anything is possible in that world. Whatever you can imagine, you can do in your dreams. You get complete freedom to do anything. By anything I mean anything.
  • So coming to the main issue. If you are successful in lucid dreaming then you can remember everything.
  • Meaning lucid dreaming is such a thing, with the help of which what you see in the dream will be completely remembered. Because remember in Lucid dreaming or you will actually be able to experience it in real time.
  • So the obvious thing is you must remember what you saw. Because you will know in the dream itself that you are dreaming. You forget dreams because you do not know that you are dreaming, but if you somehow come to know that it is a dream, then you will become even more curious. You will become even more awake. To see that oh wow this is a dream. Now I got to see the dream world and because it is a dream world, I can do anything here.
  • So you will remember the dream obviously as I told you in Lucid Dream you can control your dream, then whatever mind you do in the dream world, do astral travel, visit in inter dimensional quantum rem, you will remember everything.

What Are Lucid Dreaming Techniques? (How To Lucid Dream?)

Never stop

So how can you make lucid dreaming? What is its method?

There are many techniques to do lucid dreaming.

(1) Reality Check

  • Reality check means you make a habit in yourself to always check that you are dreaming or not.As you keep checking from time to time how many fingers are in your hands. If it is ten it means you are not dreaming.
  • For example, if you look at your hands now, you will see ten fingers, it is simple, it means that you are not dreaming. And if you make a habit of checking from time to time, it will become your habit.
  • Then when you are dreaming then suddenly you will check how many fingers are in your hands. So you will not get ten fingers visible in your dreams. Because nothing is normal in the dream world. Maybe you get to see eleven fingers or your hand may just disappear.
  • So when after doing the reality check, when something seems strange, then understand that you are in a dream, just after that you will become aware. Then you will be able to see what is going on in the dream as real and you will remember it.
  • That problem has been solved but the bonus point is that at the same time the control of dreams will be in your hands. You can do whatever you think.

(2) Lucid Dream Affirmations

  • Affirmations mean any such sentence that affects your subconscious mind. So if you want to do lucid dreaming at night, then you have to say in your mind before sleeping that today I will see lucid dream, today I will be able to control the dreams, today I will have the best lucid dream in the world. Meaning you have to say any such positive line which will have a positive effect in your subconscious mind.
  • Aaffirmations are very relaxing. This is the most important thing in the world of meditation. It sounds very strange to hear these affirmations. But it does a great job. If Lucid is not able to dream at once, then there is no need to be angry, you just need to practice. You can do it if you believe in yourself.

Benefit Of Lucid Dream

live your life
  • You can probably also say that hey brother, this must be a dream, in reality nothing will happen, will it? What is a dream dream, what will be the benefit of this, if something happens in real life, believe it
  • Dream is the language of your subconscious mind. This means that you will be able to learn a lot in the journey of Lucid Dream and whatever knowledge you get in dreams is the ultimate. And the knowledge gained from dreams will give you many ideas in life. Your subconscious mind is a treasure trove of knowledge. This that you are seeing so many inventions in front of you, mobile, television, computer, all these dreams have been seen by anyone, which is a reality today. Everything is born out of a dream, why isn’t it?
  • Ideas are actually in the universal collective conscious mind, from where it comes to the subconscious mind of the people and then from there it comes to the conscious mind and from there it comes to the normal conscious mind. That is, it comes in the mind of a person. And then that person calls this thing the idea. And he does such things in the world that make him successful. Meaning the source of everything is the subconscious mind. And you can get the knowledge of this subconscious mind only in dreams. So whatever you see in dreams, take them as a message that after all what you are seeing in dreams is asking you to do in the real world. So you can actually benefit a lot from dreams.
  • Lucid Dream also helps you with low off attraction. Manifest whatever you want in your dream world. In the real world, it will pull on its own. That is, make the world of your Lucid Dream such a poisitive world as you want. And because in Lucid Dream you will be able to control your dream 100%. That’s why you can do whatever you want in your dreams and you can make the world whatever you want. Dreams help you move forward in your life.

I know that our world is full of science and technology and virtual reality, artificial intelligent all these technological things are very interesting but to know the other side of our world i.e. spiritual side with proof.

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