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Are you also stuck in a relationship where you feel too frustrated? Are you feeling suffocated in a relationship? You are trying too hard to get out of there. But can’t get out. Because you feel that if you get out of that relationship then your life will get worse. Are you stuck in such a job that you keep thinking about leaving the job every day? But you are not able to get out of there because of the idea which is in your mind, you are feeling that it will prove to be right or not? Or you are dissatisfied with your body. If you want to transform it but are unable to do it, then today we are going to know how you can make these impossible possible.

2.What Is Breakthrough?
3.How long does it take to make the impossible possible?
4.Story Of Tulsidasji
5.How To Make The Impossible Possible?
1. Create the right strategy
2. Power Of The Story
3. Your State Of Mind

What Is Breakthrough?

What Is Breakthrough?
  • Every person has a fear at some level that whether I am enough for this thing or not? Can I do this thing or not? Somewhere in our mind, this thing is ingrained that I will not be able to do this thing. And to change this, you have to break through.
  • And breakthrough means to make the impossible possible.’ Breakthrough’ means a condition where you don’t just talk about changing things, you take massive action to change everything that you were only thinking about changing for a long time.

How long does it take to make the impossible possible?

How long does it take to make the impossible possible?
  • Many times people say that it took five years for me to change. Many people say that it took ten years for me to change.
  • But the truth is that it took only a second to change them. At the time when he had taken this decision that from today onwards whatever I want to do in my life, I will change it.
  • And that was the ‘breakthrough’ of his life, We can understand Breakthrough very well from the life of Tulsi Dasji.

Story Of Tulsidasji

Story Of Tulsidasji

When Tulsidasji was young, he was engaged to a very beautiful girl. He liked that girl very much. After a few days, very bad thoughts started coming to his mind at night. Wrong thoughts started coming. He started thinking that he has to meet the girl whom he has not married yet, he has to meet at this time. But that girl lived in another village. And it was raining heavily outside. There were a lot of storms coming. But Tulsidasji wanted to meet her and he did the same.

No matter how many storms were coming, he went out to meet that girl. Tulsidasji had to struggle a lot to get that girl. After much struggle, Tulsidasji reached the girl’s house and went to her room. When that girl saw Tulsidasji in this situation and saw her alone, she was very nervous and worried that how can Tulsidasji come to my room on such a night? Because both were not married at that time.

And then Tulsidasji’s future wife had said one thing which was a breakthrough for Tulsidasji. And because of which Tulsidasji’s whole life changed. At that time Tulsidasji’s wife told him, ‘You have so much love for this bone and flesh body that you crossed everything and came to meet me if you had loved Shri Ram so much, then your whole life would have changed. ‘. This was a ‘breakthrough’ of his life which changed his whole life.

How To Make The Impossible Possible?

How To Make The Impossible Possible?

Are you ready for your breakthrough? I am going to tell you three such things that will help you a lot to break through in your life.

(1) Create the right strategy

  • The first way to break through is to strategy and the best way to create the right strategy is to model. To model means to find a person who before you made the impossible thing possible that you wanted to do. You model it, you copy it. Ask him, learn from him what he had done in his life that he made the impossible possible.
  • You find a person who was in a bad relationship earlier but is living a very good life today. Find a person who used to earn very little earlier, was very poor but today he is very successful and he has everything that you want to get.
  • Find a person who was not fit before, who used to make excuses like you but today he is very fit. Ask them what they are doing that you are not doing. Those people are not lucky, those people are doing some things that you are not doing.
  • Remember, you will get mango only by sowing mango seed, you will not get acacia. Find that mango seed, that strategy that will change you completely.

(2) Power Of The Story

  • The second thing is the power of the story. There are many such people who know the strategy but even after that, they are not changing. Because he is telling himself a story because of which he knows that I will never change. You tell yourself so many stories for not doing anything that you believe those stories that this thing cannot happen to me.
  • You tell yourself that I want to be separated from him but I will not be able to separate because I love him very much. Oh if there was love, there would be no bitterness in the relationship. Stop telling yourself false stories.
  • You are telling yourself the story that I do not have money, I cannot go to the gym, I cannot be fit, my body is like this from the beginning. Hey, stop telling yourself false stories. Stop telling the story that I can’t make money because money can work only those people who already have money, people who are very rich, only those people can earn a lot of money.
  • These are all false stories that you are telling yourself. And stop telling all these stories. For how long will you keep telling yourself these false stories because your life can never change with these false stories. From today onwards, end all your false stories from this time and tell yourself a correct story, divorce the false story and marry a good story.

(3) Your State Of Mind

And third and most important is ‘your state’.

  • You will never be able to change your story if you are in a low and lousy mind state. Have you ever found yourself in a state of anger? At that time you do all those things and say all those things which you cannot even imagine. Because at that time you are in such a mental state where you cannot think and understand anything. But have you ever had a crush on someone? Have you been in a state of love? When you are in a state of love, you start feeling good about all the bad things.
  • When your baby cries, you don’t have any problem, but when someone else’s baby cries, you start getting irritated, and get upset, his voice starts knocking on our ears. Because the state of our mind changes.
  • You also have to change this state in order to change your life. When your mental state is good, you start liking bad things as well. But when your ‘mind state’ is bad, you start seeing good things as bad. That’s why you keep yourself right.

Conclusion (How To Make The Impossible Possible?)

How To Make The Impossible Possible?

So make a strategy for the breakthrough, choose a model that can help you change, after that do not tell yourself the wrong story, tell the right story which can change your life. And the most important thing is to change your state. Bring a big breakthrough into your life. (How To Make The Impossible Possible?)

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