Today’s topic is How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster? Do you know 90% of the world’s brain, and 90% of the money is with only 10% of the people? You should know the bitter truth that success, money, and victory are not only for those who work hard for the body, but those who know how to work hard with the power of the mind. But why is it that out of 100%, only 10% of the people are able to use their brains well? If you look in any field, you will see 90% of the people working hard and 10% of the people will be at the peak of their success. All this game is to increase the power of the mind and make full use of it.

How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster?

Let us know today that how to increase the power of the mind manifold? Further, if you read and understand all the things mentioned in this article carefully, then you can achieve everything that you want to achieve. Every success you will get, every victory will be yours and every person will respect you. First, we understand that what is the structure of the brain and how does it work? (How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster?)

What Is The Structure Of The Brain And How Does It Work?

What Is The Structure Of The Brain And How Does It Work?
  • The weight of our brain is 2% of the weight of our whole body. There are 2 billion neurons in the human brain. On average, we are able to use only 2 to 3 percent of neurons in our whole life. And intelligent creatures are able to use only 4 to 5 percent. The human brain works like a computer. It receives information from our body and senses and transmits it back to the body. But the human brain is many times more powerful than the body.
  • The human brain develops in three parts, forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. Each of these contains fluid-filled cavities called ventricles. Whatever we see with the eyes, its process takes place in the occipital lobe in the back part of our brain. And whatever we hear through the ears, its process takes place in the temporal lobe. There is no nerve of pain in our brain, so pain is not felt in it. You have understood the structure of the human brain, now let us understand how to make our brain fast and powerful. (How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster?)

How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster?

How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster?
1Drink Water
2Take Omega 3 Fatty Acids In Your Food
3Do Pranayama, Exercise Meditation, And Rest
4Do Brain Exercise And Play Brain Games
5Always Read

1. Drink Water

 Drink Water
  • First of all, 75% of our brain is made up of water, that’s why you should drink 12 – 16 glasses of water. Now, who should drink how much water there is also a science? Divide the weight of your body by ten, and the number that comes out, you should drink 30% of the water daily. For example, if your body weight is 80 kg, then you have to drink three liters of water daily. By drinking enough water, your brain remains more healthy and is able to work with more power.

2. Take Omega 3 Fatty Acids In Your Food

Take Omega 3 Fatty Acids In Your Food
  • And secondly, you should take omega 3 fatty acids in your food. Omega 3 is the most important food for your brain and heart. You should eat omega 3 fatty acids because our body does not produce them and it is most important for our brain. Now, what is this diet? understand it. I will tell you. By the way, omega 3 is found in fish, salmon. But I am a vegetarian myself, so let me tell you about vegetarianism. Your heart and brain require 1.8 grams of Omega 3 daily. For this, the best food for vegetarians is called flaxseed. “Best Seed on the Planet’. Which is called ‘Alsi’ in Hindi. Now let’s understand how to eat it.
    • You grind flaxseeds and make powder of it and you have to eat one tablespoon daily. You will get 1.8 grams of omega 3 in one tablespoon of flaxseed powder which is great for your heart for your brain development. This will also reduce your stress.
    • Apart from flaxseeds, almonds, walnuts, berries, dark chocolate, avocado, and broccoli are also great foods for your brain. But the right time to eat almonds is in the morning and the time to eat walnuts is in the evening.

3. Do Pranayama, Exercise Meditation, And Rest

 Do Pranayama, Exercise Meditation, And Rest
  • The third thing is pranayama, exercise meditation, and rest.
    • By doing pranayama, complete oxygen reaches our brain. Due to which our brain becomes more powerful.
    • And you will find Anulom Vilom Pranayama very beneficial in increasing the power of the mind.
    • And you do regular exercise so that your body remains healthy. By keeping your body healthy and active, your mind also remains healthy and active.
    • And you must meditate regularly. Meditation detoxifies your mind. Which increases your brain’s ability to work.
    • And you get enough sleep. At night you get full sleep but even during the day when you get tired while working, close your eyes once or twice for 15-20 minutes and do all the work to the side, give a little rest to the body. It is also called a ‘power nap’. It rejuvenates your mind.

4. Do Brain Exercise And Play Brain Games (How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster?)

Do Brain Exercise And Play Brain Games
  • And the fourth thing you do brain exercise and play brain games.
    • Brain exercise like chewing gum. By chewing Chingum, more blood reaches our brain. Due to which the power of our brain increases a lot.
    • The second exercise you do is try to write with the left hand or try to use the toothbrush with the left hand. You will find it very difficult to do this work. But this will activate the neurons of your brain. This will increase the power of your mind. Your mind will start sharpening. And it will start increasing your memory too. This is a very good thing for the students who forget what they have studied, they should do this kind of brain exercise.
    • And you play brain games like chess and crossword in which you have to use your mind. Don’t play games in which your mind gets stuck. In which you have to enter the mobile. You play such games so that your mind has to create something, you have to think something, you have to run your mind. Playing such games also increases the power of your brain manifold.
    • And you should practice remembering something during the day, whether it is your school, college notes, someone’s phone numbers, and before sleeping at night, you learn to write your whole day’s routine in a diary. This will put stress on your mind and you will have to remember all your days, due to which the memory of your brain starts increasing, the power of the brain to remember and remember things for a long time starts increasing.
    • You keep learning something new, sometimes learn a new language, sometimes learn something new in music. You keep learning anything that you have to put your mind to.
    • Exercise your brain does not mean that you learn different things in a few days. You learn only those things which are related to your career, your business, your life, and which are useful for you in your life and are beneficial for you.

5. Always Read(How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster?)

Always Read
  • No one wants to mess with you because of your sharp mind. Humans and animals are only distinguished by this. The more you use your intellect and the better you use it, the better you will be able to live life. You know that no matter how much money a person has, but if the intellect deteriorates, then that money is of no use. And if a person does not have anything but the intellect is very good, then believe that person can achieve everything. If you want to increase the power of your mind, then keep increasing your knowledge also.
  • You keep reading books regularly and someone has rightly said that readers are leaders and leaders are readers. Those who study, they rule, and those who rule always read. Only 10 people out of 100 in the world read books and those 10 people outweigh the remaining 90 people. The more knowledge that goes inside your intellect, the better your intellect will be able to work, that is why you should never stop reading books. And books are not meant for your entertainment and your education books. You read those books which increase your knowledge and by which you can develop. And which increases your understanding and intelligence for life.
  • The person who does not know how to use the power of his intellect properly keeps on doing the job all his life, keeps on working, keeps on working hard. But the person who has come to use the power of his mind properly, that person lives like a king, lives a successful life.
How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster

If you start practicing all these things regularly, then believe that you will become a more successful person than other people. You will become a richer person than other people. Nothing in the world is impossible for a person who has learned to use the brain properly at the right time. He can get whatever he wants. The value of a human being is not as much as the intelligence and thoughts of a human being. Everyone respects a sensible person. The person who is intelligent, the person who is sharp in mind, unscrupulous people are not able to deceive him and do not take advantage of him wrongly. (How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster?)

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