Fear means such a fantasy that is wrong but looks true. Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real. If this thing is understood then all the fear is over. There are two fantasies of any fear, the first is imaginary. And the second one is in the future. Both of these have no real existence in present. Meaning fear is a psychological thing that we make in our own minds. fear is made by our own desire. (How to Overcome Fear?)

Realizing the true value of any situation |How to Overcome Fear?

How to Overcome Fear? Topmost Ways
  • Things that have no value after a while. For that, your most important thing should not be harmed.
  • Before any circumstances come, the fear should not flourish in the mind by wrong imagining it.
  • Thinking carefully, you will know that more fear than eighty percent, which makes your sleepless nights disappear, become meaningless for you after a few days or a few years.
  • It is not wise to continue to harm the permanent thing for things that are temporary in your life.

Face the fear of every difficult time

swami vivekanand
  • Once Swami Vivekananda was going on the way in his childhood, a monkey falls behind them. And then they start to escape and run from those monkeys. Then the people standing nearby say to them, “Don’t be afraid of them and stand before them, and then they will all flee.” And then they listen to him and turn towards the monkey and look in his eye and shout loudly, then, in reality, the monkey starts running upside down.
How to Overcome Fear? Topmost Ways
  • We listen to many stories like this and also understand it but do not apply it in our life, that is why we make a mistake.
  • This thing has to be changed. The more you try to escape from your fear, the more it will hold you.
  • But once you dare to face fear, fear will run away from itself, fear will not be able to stand in front of your courage.
  • As long as you stay away from fear, that fear will continue to increase, but by facing it, it will slowly end.
  • At the time of fear or under any circumstances, you have two options. first, one is to Forget everything and go ahead and the second one is to face everything and rise and stand up.
How to Overcome Fear? Topmost Ways

No matter how much fear you have to face in life, you can easily overcome the fear of anything by understanding the true value of that thing and facing any fear. Realize the true value of any situation or thing and face it.

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