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What is Chitt? And How to Purify Chitt? and we know that human life is of a moment. We do not know what is going to happen next moment. Still, a person prepares for the whole life. Collects money. Insurance does. All this is required to live life and it is also right. But if we think of this life then why no one thinks of what will happen after this life of ours. You should also think afterlife, you should earn for it too, and that income is God’s remembrance, goodwill, charity, prayer, and help without any selfishness. So these earnings will be useful after your life.

How to Purify Chitt? And What is Chitt?

What is Chitt? And How to Purify It?
  • The word Chitt refers to consciousness, thoughts, and perceptions in the inner world. It is the consciousness that unites the mind with the soul.
  • Chitt means knowledge philosophy.
  • Pure knowledge is pure philosophy i.e. pure soul.
  • The Chitt that goes into perishable things is called impure Chitt.
  • The Chitt that wanders in the world is called impure Chitt.
  • And who sees the imperishable things, then they are called the imperishable Chitt. And then the same becomes pure.
  • The Chitt gets purified by getting knowledge.
  • If we see about the function of the Chitt, then he takes photography. The picture shows pictures accurately.
What is Chitt? And How to Purify It?
  • If you have gone to someplace and you start thinking about your house, you will see a picture of the house right in front of you. Who shows you that picture. That picture shows your Chitta. What can the Chitt take photography for? So the Chitt can only take photographs of what it has seen before.
  • Whatever we see from outside as if the arms and legs are external. But what we see from inside, such as Mind, Intellect, Chitt, Ego (Ahankaar) is called conscience. In conscience, Mind, Intellect, Chitt, Ego (Ahankaar) are the four things.
What is Chitt? And How to Purify It?
  • The idea is very broad. Even in ignorance, you can read your thoughts well. Even a small child can know that ideas are coming to me. Out of these four, the mind is very subtle. The mind is above the Chitt, and above the intellect is the ego, and above the ego is the soul.
  • The third component of consciousness is Chitt. The mind’s job is to go astray, as it catches the picture. HereYour the mind shows you what you see. What you see shows you. The mind’s not moving out of this body. who goes, is the Chitt, and the impure Chitt is the one that wanders outside. Pure Chitt is the purity of spirit. (How to Purify Chitt? And What is Chitt?)

How to Purify Chitta?

Self recognition
  • To cleanse the Chitt one has to calm the Chitt or control the Chitt.
    1. In which there is a way to meditate on ‘Chittakash’.
    2. In which there is another way to do Pranayama.
      • There is a very close relationship between Chitt and pranayama.
      • If one of these falls, the other starts falling. And if one gets up then the other one also starts getting up.
      • Many times we want to control the mind but if we are unable to control the mind, then Pranayama is the second easiest way to control the mind.
      • Through Pranayama, your control is established over ‘Pran’.
      • And when your ‘Pran’ is controlled, then it is said that your mind automatically gets controlled.
      • And especially the Anulom Vilom Pranayama is very useful for controlling the mind.
      • ‘Tratak’ is also useful.
      • Do not spread the mind
      • Rites of many births are lying in our mind and hence special rites arise in special circumstances.
      • If a man tries, he can become the master of his mind.
      • For purification of mind, you need patience, you should keep trying. Consciousness is necessary for the purification of the ‘Chitt’.
    3. When man forgets all his desires, attachment and becomes calm inside his mind, then yoga becomes available.
      • The purification of the mind, the upward movement of consciousness, the refinement of personality, the mind becoming completely calm, and balanced is called Yoga.
  • Generally, Worshiping God Aarti Meditation Donation By doing all this, the mind becomes more stable towards God.
  • Our scriptures say that a man will have his karma as he thinks and that his future, fate, or birth will be as much as the karma of a man.
  • Generally, Everything in the world is perishable and perishable things will bring perishable pleasure. Indestructible happiness never ends. And no great sorrow and trouble can end your imperishable happiness. If indestructible happiness is needed, then to get imperishable happiness one should go to the feet of the ultimate imperishable, ultimate essence, God.
  • What is the purpose of yoga is, prevention of the Chitt’s instinct.
What is Chitt? And How to Purify It?

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