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Hi, How are you? Now today’s topic is How to Select a Life Partner!! If you want to know that then you are in the right place. We have to make many decisions in life and some decisions affect our whole life, so you should take decisions carefully. In our life, we ​​have to make a decision and that is how to choose a partner. How to choose a good life partner, whether you are a match or a female, everyone has their own dreams, everyone has their own world, everyone has their own imagination, as Male is thinking How will the princess of dreams be like. And the woman must be thinking that the prince of my dreams will be like this, everyone has their own images and their eyes are searching for their Mr. Perfect and Mrs. Perfect all the time.

There is also a bitter truth that no one is perfect, or there is a deficiency in all, then we should get out of this fantasy and face the truth that the reality that is facing us today, which we are seeing What should we take care of while watching them, then today we will talk about it. What things should we take care of, while finding a good life partner?

How to Select a Life Partner is art so follow some tips

life partner
  • First, know your self:
    • Know your self-expectations like your liking and disliking your expectations.
  • Second, know about life partner:
    • Knowing the frontal nature, knowing his likes and dislikes, and knowing his interest will help you make decisions and examine his behavior in particular how he behaves in a critical situation.
  • External beauty and Internal beauty :
    • External beauty is not very important. It is not very useful .if nature is good, the behavior is Good, the partner loves you, respects you, that is important.
  • Try to understand each other:
    • Don’t make a decision in a small meeting or in a hurry. give some time to your relationship, do a video call, know the person, keep in touch, try to understand each other.
life partner
  • Ask some questions :
    • Do some questions related to interest, hobbies, movies, likes, dislikes. These questions will help you to make a decision.
  • Checklist of few qualities:
    • Check something like good habits bad habits smoking cigarette drinking etc.
  • Don’t do hurry:
    • If they have any kind of bad habit. It’s dangerous. you are not choosing the right life partner. You are choosing the sadness. Please avoid such kind of things. You have to understand and these things through the interactions.
  • Check the quality of forgetting and forgive:
    • Check a few qualities like honesty, feelings, anger and stress and body language, skills. see that he is presenting listening to you. ability to forget and forgive that is also important. it that shows the nature of the other person. cool balance personality that is dependent on the ability to forget and forgive .and check the sense of humor.
  • Sense of humor:
    • One of the most important qualities is to its sense of humor .a person having a sense of humor can make your life lighter especially in adversity situations. whenever the tough time comes this sense of humor keeps you in light. all these things will make your life cool, light, and make smiling .also that is one of the most important qualities.
  • Respect:
    • With whom you are going to share your life. is the person going to respect you or your feelings, interest, hobbies. so this is a very important thing. choosing a life partner is like a lottery. it may be sometimes good or sometimes bad. whatever may it doesn’t matter .one thing it is in our hands. handling, molding, changing all these things are in our hands
  • Take the advice:
    • Take the advice from your parents, elders, someone who can guide you, friends, listen to your inner voice. What your inner voice is saying . according to that, .you have to act and select and take wise decisions. you know the one thing, that selects the right person, for the right reason, at the right time. it’s art and make your life colorful.
  • Health-conscious personality:
    • He should be a health-conscious personality. because health is wealth. with money, you can’t buy your perfect health. walking, exercise, food, meditation these are the area you will remain healthy .it should be a health-conscious personality.
  • Financial status:
    • You will also have to see his financial status, what is his education, what is his income, and what is the capacity of earning, whether his job is private or government. If he is unemployed in some condition in a private job then. Is he can afford the family’s expenses.
  • Should not be workaholic:
    • what is this person doing in his free time? he should have some free time. he should not be workoholic.means he should spend some quality time with family members.
  • Family personality:
    • Sit with senior people. talk to them. make them feel happy. he should have a family personality.

Don’t Miss Some Qualities

How to Select a Life Partner

How to Select a Life Partner. So first of all, we think in this way, that Lifepartner should be like this. Girls think that a boy should be like this, there is a very long list. But the reason for making this list is that we want such a life partner. But, first of all, make your own list that how you are. How do we make this list, first think about yourself, how are you, what is your interest, how is our nature, how do we react in critical condition, list your plus and minus points

And then comes another thing which is your life partner, it should be Loving, it should be Loyal, should be caring. Can share all your things with it. understand the feeling of each other. must be open-hearted with you.

How to Select a Life Partner

We have to see that our feelings and choices are common or not. It is like A girl who thinks that she will stay with her husband after marriage. And Husband thinks that after marriage he will go abroad and settle. And my wife Will stay with my family. Or after marriage, the girl wants to do the job but boy thinks I have a job you need not do the job after marriage. If there is common feeling or ideas are matching, then definitely take the initiative first.

If it seems that there is a girl, she says that I cannot live in a joint family. And the boy says that it is going by tradition, our customs have to be followed. And the girl says that they wear saree all the time If you can not wear it. Where there is no such choice if you cannot stay, then you should take a step back.

How to Select a Life Partner

if all interests are the same but in some interests, there is a little different then don’t mind it. Because but if there is some difference in some interest then it is not a matter. Because if both have the same interest, then life becomes boring in it, as if both are not fond of going out, then life will become boring in both. Only if one of them has a desire to roam, then a little change will remain in life. How to Select a Life Partner every person facing this.

Do not reach any decision at all, in the first meeting. Do not take any decision, think carefully, should not be hurried, if you attach with emotionally is fine, but should check everything. It is a very big decision in life. So it should not be taken as in a hurry.

What we don’t like, we don’t want one thing in the other, we should also make a list of it as if someone has an addiction.

don’t take the big decision of marriage in hurry .or don’t think like We have become old. What will people think, or are we feeling lonely or in the pressure of anyone? then the marriage decision doesn’t take a hurry, keep understanding, think with a cool mind.

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