Today’s topic is How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed? You must have felt such a situation in which you know that you will have to study, or I know that I will have to do this work, yet you do not feel like laziness surrounds you and you enjoy being lazy.

Every one of you who is reading this article must have some goal or the other. I have to become this, I have to be shown by doing this work. I have to impress this person or I have to create a big business of crores.

You have a lot of ideas but one thing that is missing is motivation. There is a lot to do but there is a lack of energy. You have to know how wide your mind is. Whatever is difficult or uncomfortable, your mind will not always want to do it. And will avoid it and there is nothing bad about it. Your mind is made up like that. So your mind always protects you from difficult things because the job of the mind is to keep you alive.

Motivate Your Self

How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed?
  • Your mind always stops you from changing habits because the mind does not want you to face any difficult thing. If you want to be the best version of yourself if you want to do something different if you want to be the best and come out ahead and show the world that yes I have a special identity. So you have to face change, you have to change.
  • You have to do things that you find difficult. A beggar and a billionaire both get only 24 hours a day. But it does matter what do you do in that 24 hours? The topper of your class does not have any time machine so that he enjoys 48 hours in a day by slowing down the time. You also have 24 He also has 24.
  • Whether you are dark, fair, tall or short, fat or thin, or belong to any country, it does not matter, this universe gives only 24 hours in a day.
  • Mukesh Ambani was not lazy, he used to do his work diligently and did not do laziness.
  • Today’s world is the world of Facebook Instagram where many people are engaged. Instead of wasting time on social media, instead of doing mindless browsing on mobile, do something that is useful.
  • Be yourself in real life. People will take you as an inspiration.
  • If all the successful people who are in this world, if we’re resting instead of hard work, would they be able to become what they are today? And would they have got so much success?
  • From time to time you set your goals that I have to score so many marks in the exam, in this new year I will make myself smart, enjoy something new, do something new. But after a while, the confidence in you decreases. And you can’t do anything. And you must be thinking that when watching motivational videos, reading some motivational or listening to motivational things, then I am very charged. But after a few days, hey after a few days what? After a few hours that motivation subsides.
  • So how can you keep yourself always in charge instead of laziness? So how to overcome laziness? You can hear many things about it, but for this, you have to understand the most important thing. And after knowing this, your laziness will disappear completely.
  • There is no stat in laziness, it means that you say that I am lazy, this thing is wrong. You are not lazy but you are lazy, actually laziness is a work.
  • Just as you walk, run, in the same way, there is a real thing that you yourself do intentionally. You are not lazy.
  • If you are doing some work with a lot of energy, that is also a work that you do. Pay attention to the word ‘do’. (How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed?)

How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed

How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed

If you really want to do something in life and have to do it, then you will not be lazy. It means to keep your goal clear. What to do next? What to become? Decide this.

(1) Follow slow implementation.

  • To drive away laziness, follow slow implementation. As if you have decided that you will not be lazy from today. And if you decide to study daily 20 exercises or 4 hours, then you have to do that but start slowly.
  • The most important thing is that laziness never ends at once.
  • Slow down the process of removing your laziness. For that, you can follow the 2-minute rule. Which is a magical way. (How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed?)

(2) 2 minutes rule

  • According to the two-minute rule, if you study for thirty minutes a day, then read for 32 minutes tomorrow. If you study for 1 hour then study for 1 hour 2 minutes.
  • If you do not do exercise, then only do exercise for two minutes, just for two minutes.
  • What would you say? This is what the mind is trapping you in and preventing you from doing so. The thing is that if you do something big all of a sudden, like I will study for 4 hours, I will exercise for 30 minutes daily and start doing it from tomorrow, then you will not be able to do it for long. Then the same will be back to normal. But a lazy person will easily do anything for 2 minutes.
  • If you study for 1 hour, then study for 1 hour 2 minutes. So you have to study for one hour and two minutes, it will not seem like a big deal to you because it is only for two minutes. If you are not able to meditate for 10 or 15 minutes, then do meditation for 2 minutes.
  • From tomorrow till only a few days, if you read 2 minutes more, then the day after tomorrow and two minutes more, ie 4 minutes more, and after that, you will read another 2 minutes i.e. 6 minutes more, after 30 days you will see that you are studying for 1 hour more.
  • Instead of exercising where you didn’t, you will be doing a lot of exercises. Meaning this 2-minute increase gradually becomes your habit. And you will not feel too much burden at once.
  • As most people think of making their habit at once, so if you want to remove the habit of laziness or if you are adopting a good habit, then do it slowly, do not decide anything big at once. Do it slowly
  • Bring change in yourself slowly. This is the only practical method that works in the long term. And will work for a lifetime.
  • You have to remove those things from your life that are preventing you from taking action.
  • Watching more TV, playing more video games, running more internet, or watching more mobiles are all the things that prevent you from doing other important things.
  • If you spend one day in a month or week, you watch TV for the whole day, you run the internet for the whole day, then there is no problem with it. The problem occurs when this lazy habit keeps its habit for several days to several weeks to several months or even years.
  • Mobile or internet or TV is not bad unless you overuse it. (How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed?)

(3) Strive for more

  • That is, wish for more. Always wish for more. I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t be happy with the things you already have.
  • It means doing what is necessary for the best life.
  • Just yes life is good, don’t be satisfied with it. If you are completely satisfied it means you are living a comfortable life. And if there is a normal, comfortable life, then where will the motivation come from and where will the laziness go away?
  • Jim Collins has a statement that good is the enemy of great.
  • Try to have a great life instead of a good life. Whose every single day gives you new energy, new happiness, whose every day is a festival.
  • Most of the people of this world live in the middle and live in a medium state of mind. His life is neither too good nor too bad.
  • Like there are three types of children in a class, one who is very good at reading, one who is very bad at reading, and one who is average, neither good nor bad. If I ask you which is the most unlucky group among them. So you would say that the group which is bad in the study. The most unlucky middle man in reality. Because those who top they will get admission in a good college. And the one who is bad because he is very bad, so he will try to do something different in life, some business or something else but those who are in the middle then mostly it happens that they will continue to do some normal job.

(4) Think about the beauty of your goal.

  • Imagine your success. I told you that what you want to do, then you should not tell anyone in life. But you can think about it in your mind.
  • That’s why think that if you will not be lazy and because of this, the life that will become your next life will be amazing. How proud will you feel and your name will be there in your entire family, you will have discussions in school or college.
  • Show off as something, after that whatever you want, all those things will run after you. But to get all this you have to sacrifice one thing and that is laziness.
  • You have to stop laziness, so think about the reward of that work, how much fun it will be when you do something big.
  • We have talked about what to think in mind, what to keep mindset, but now know a scientific fact about your own body, that is physical elements.

(5) Physical elements i.e. the real scientific reason for laziness

  • One of the reasons why you feel like laziness is to sit in one place for a long time.
  • Your body is made for movement. Something is designed to move. But if you keep your body stable in one place, that too for so long then it is obvious that you will always feel tired.
  • Tell me one thing, when it happens in the whole day when your heart beats loudly. Sometimes there is a nervous situation, such as the teacher suddenly tells you to stand up in front of everyone in the class or asks you to speak something in front of the whole class, then in such a situation, the heart beats faster. But your heart is mostly normal for most of the day. Due to which you feel lethargic. And by which your body remains active and not the mind. And no, there is proper blood circulation in the body, so exercise, run and do any work that increases your heart rate for a while.
  • This means that your heart becomes more active and the blood circulation throughout your body is correct. And you will not feel sluggish or tired. (How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed?)

(6) drink water

  • With this, you must have felt weakness due to lack of water to go one more thing. Many people do not even know that there is a lack of water in their bodies.Consume as much water as your body requires.
  • If you drink water properly, then the metabolism will increase and the necessary elements in the body will be able to communicate well.

(7) Important things about life

  • Stumble harder than life and nothing kills you. It means that despite the difficulties of life, you are able to get back up and walk or not.
  • If you stumble in life no matter how many times, but if you stand back and stand up, then no one can beat you.
  • Never give up attitude should be kept. Laziness is removed only due to the attitude and good thinking with never give up. And this is a fact. The one who has the attitude of never-give-up wins even in defeat.

Hence they keep smiling. It is said that if the loser smiles even after losing, then the winning person’s victory goes away. So life has to respond to you like this. You will get a lot of opportunities in life, but if you ever lose, even after losing, you will keep the attitude of never give up. So you will get what you want. You will get it.

Tell yourself every day that this is your day (How To Stop Being Lazy And Depressed?)

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