Most people or almost all people burn incense sticks in worship, recitation, aarti, and other auspicious functions. But before lighting these sticks, keep some special things in mind.

(1) The first thing is a complete prohibition in the scriptures for burning these sticks.

(2) The first thing to keep in mind is that what we call incense sticks, it is not incense sticks.

(3) Actually there is a tree of agar, which is given the shape of a lamp, that wood is called incense stick.

(4) Those incense sticks which we normally light in our house are called incense sticks but in reality, it is not incense sticks. It is forbidden in the scriptures to burn it.

Why Should Incense Sticks Not Be Lit?

Incense Sticks: What Is The Best lit flame or Sticks?

(1) Why? So the first thing that has been created is from the bass. The wood seen inside it is made of bamboo. And in the scriptures, in the Sanatan tradition, Bass is worshiped and it is not burnt. And according to physiology and doctors, the smoke generated by burning bass is very harmful to our bodies.

(2) Secondly, in no place, in any Puja, Path, Aarti, or Chalisa, in any line is this incense sticks not directed.

(3) At the time of worship, according to the Sanatan tradition, instructions have been given to light a lamp of pure country ghee.

Which Lamp Should Be Lit?

Incense Sticks: What Is The Best lit flame or Sticks?

(1) If a lamp of pure ghee, sesame oil, mustard oil, or any other oil is lit with pure value, then it is accepted completely.

Why Should A Lamp Be Lit?

(1) So an instruction has been given to light the flame. When we light the lamp, it also carries with it many meanings. We also pray, we also chant mantras, that O God, take us from darkness to light, take us from ignorance to knowledge, his real introduction or example is this lamp.

(2) Secondly, when we light a lamp, whether it is of native ghee, sesame oil, mustard oil, or any other pure oil, then when it burns, it makes the environment pure. And the oil which is being burnt, its waves and properties start traveling in the atmosphere. And it goes inside our body with air and provides health.

Disadvantages To Burning Incense Sticks

(2) Now if you light incense sticks in its place, then along with burning it, smoke is generated from it because bamboo is burning in it. Therefore it is harmful to our bodies.

(3) Secondly, the fragrance that is coming from it, the fragrance of completely artificial chemicals have been added to it. Be it sandalwood, rose, or anything else. The fragrance of these artificial chemicals has been added to it.

(4) Now it will go to our lungs through the nostrils along with the air. And its smoke is enough to make any normal person a patient of asthma, a patient of respiratory problems.

(5) So overall, from the point of view of our health, from the point of view of spirituality, according to the scriptures, the prohibition of burning this incense stick has been told. Instead, it has been instructed to light a lamp.

Lighting this lamp is completely beneficial and healthy for us. And burning incense sticks in its place proves to be harmful to us.

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