Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is observed. The biggest reason behind celebrating this is to make people aware of the empowerment of women. And for this reason, it is celebrated. Because of the ratio of females in the whole world including India, you will compare if it is less than the male. By the way, if we talk about India, then in our scriptures, women are considered to be worshiped like a goddess. And there are many such women who have made their name in history. And even today there are women who have achieved a place and made their name.

International Women’s Day begins

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day began in the year 1908 with a women’s labor movement in New York City, USA. When about 15,000 women took to the streets to demand their rights. These women were protesting to demand a reduction in working hours, good pay, and the right to vote. About a year after this women’s protest, the Socialist Party of America announced the first National Women’s Day. After which the idea of ​​celebrating Women’s Day at the international level was given by a woman, Kalara Zetkin.

Kalara was at that time attending the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen, the capital of the European country of Denmark. At the time, about 100 women from 17 nations attended the meeting. All these women unanimously accepted this proposal of Kalara.

Klara Zetkin proposed to celebrate Women’s Day globally in the year 1910. The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in Australia, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland in 1911.

International Women’s Day was formally recognized in the year 1975 when the United Nations started celebrating it.


International Women's Day History, Significance, Theme

What is the significance of Women’s Day? And when did this women’s day start? How did it happen? It is very important to know this.

Rather, this Women’s Day stems from a labor movement. Its original beginning was in the year 1908. When 15000 women took out a march in the city of New York and demanded fewer hours in the job. Apart from this, their demand was that they should be given a better salary. And given the right to vote.

The women’s strike was so successful that Emperor Nicholas had to step down. This movement of women got a lot of success. A year later, the Socialist Party of America declared this day International Women’s Day.

Where did the idea to expand it on a global scale originate from?

Kalara Zetkin

This idea was of a woman only. In 1910, Kalara Zetkin suggested celebrating International Women’s Day while leading women at an International Conference of Working Women in Copen Hagen.
At that time 100 women from 17 countries were present at the conference and all of them supported this suggestion.

International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1911 in Australia, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. Women’s Day was formally acknowledged in 1975 when the United Nations began commemorating it with a theme on an annual basis.

The first theme of Women’s Day was ‘celebrating the past playing for the future.


International Women's Day History, Significance, Theme

But why only 8 March? This question must have arisen in your mind that why International Day is celebrated only on 8th March?

However, Kalara Jetkin did not fix any date for celebrating Women’s Day.

In 1917, the women of Russia demanded food and peace. The women’s strike forced Emperor Nicholas to step down. And the provisional government also gave women the right to vote.

At that time Julian calendar was used in Russia. The ladies began their strike on February 23rd. This day was March 8 in the Gregorian calendar. And since then, 8 March started celebrating International Day.

International Women’s Day is celebrated as a celebration of the economic, political, and social achievements of women, expressing admiration, love, and respect for women in different regions of the world.

Objective of celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women's Day History, Significance, Theme

The most important purpose of celebrating Women’s Day is to bring awareness to create equality between women and men. At the same time, women have to bring awareness about their rights. Even today, in many countries, women do not have equal rights. Along with this, cases of violence against women keep coming to the fore. Not only this, where women have to face difficulties in the promotion even in the job, then women are also backward in the field of self-employment.

When International Women’s Day was started in the 19th century, then women got the right to vote.

Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women in the social, economic, cultural, and political fields.

This is how International Women’s Day is celebrated in the country and the world.

Women’s Day is celebrated in different ways all over the world, it has become such a day, in which we celebrate the progress of women in society, in politics, and in the field of economy. Different programs based on women are organized on this day in India. People give good wishes, messages, and different types of gifts to women. Along with this, Nari Shakti Puraskar is also given on this occasion.

The Ministry of Women and Child Development bestows this honor. This award is given to individuals, groups, NGOs, or organizations. It is given for the extraordinary work done in the field of women empowerment.

International Women’s Day theme

International Women's Day History, Significance, Theme

Every year since 1996, International Women’s Day is being celebrated as a theme. The first of these was about ‘celebrating the past, planning for the future.

While the theme of International Women’s Day 2021 is ‘Challenge is Choosing’. The idea behind choosing this year is ‘A challenging world is a cautious world and with challenge comes change‘.

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