Hi, now let us know about life in lockdown and life after lockdown effects. We know that no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow. The present is only in our hands. A man should focus on the present without looking at the past or the future.

Why Lockdown Is Necessary?| Life

  • To save us, from the coronavirus to save our family, and to save our country, Lockdown was imposed.
  • There is no vaccine or medicine for this COVID-19.

Government’s Efforts to Help people

  • Financial help was being provided by the government to the needy.
  • And government also provide Free Ration to the needy people.
Life in Lockdown and Life After Lockdown Effects

Be Aware in Lockdown

  • Aware present builds a good past and good future.
  • We should respect nature. Natural resources should be used wisely.
  • The importance of natural resources should also be explained to our future generation.
  • Lack of awareness and lack of knowledge is the cause of the epidemic.

Life in Lockdown

  • ok, let’s see, life in It:-
  • Corona is a virus that you can’t see.
  • One should first take care of the purity of the body.
  • The person should wash their hand frequently.
  • The mask should be worn covering the mouse and nose.
  • Instead of shaking hands, one should greet by joining hands.
  • The most important thing is Don’t go out of the house except for important work.
  • Emphasis was placed on the online study and online working.
  • The spirit of helping the poor developed.
  • Spreading awareness about hygiene among the people.
  • The government helped people with many such schemes.
  • Some lost their jobs.

Lives After Lockdown

Life in Lockdown and Life After Lockdown Effects
Life after lockdown
  • So let’s see, It:
  • So first of all The fight with the epidemic was to consciously fight and win.
  • But The biggest question was about employment.
  • Firstly, To develop the society and the country with social distance.
  • Helping the poor and proving employment. 
  • At the time of the Corona, epidemic sends a message to the world that respects nature understands and be aware.

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