Maharishi Patanjali – The Father of Yoga. Maharishi Patanjali has made a huge contribution to yoga. He has written so many books out of which ‘Yog Sutra’ is very famous. Maharishi Patanjali has not written anything about himself, We don’t know what kind of his life is, and no source of biography, it didn’t carry anything about himself, but everyone has guessed that Patanjali will be like this. A Patanjali is also considered an incarnation of Sheshnaag. And Snakes have great importance in Hinduism. let’s see about Maharishi Patanjali – The Father of Yoga.

Maharishi Patanjali - The Father of Yoga
  • Dynasty and reign: Maharishi Patanjali – The Father of Yoga, was born during the reign of the Sungavans.
  • Mother’s Name: Maharishi Patanjali – The Father of Yoga’s mother’s name was Gonika.
  • Birth Place: He was born in Gonardha. Based on literary, archaeological, geographical, and other evidence, this place is Godramau, a village near Bhopal.
  • Later they settled in Kashi.
  • Guru: His Guru was the famous grammarian Panini.

Scholars have presumably determined their birth.

Maharishi Patanjali - The Father of Yoga
  • Dr. Bhandarkar dated Patanjali’s time to 158 BCE.
  • Bothlik dated Patanjali’s time to 200 BCE.
  • And Professor Keith dated his time to 140 to 150 BCE.
  • Patanjali was probably in the reign of Pushyamitra Sunga from 195 to 145 AD.

Famous recognition about Maharishi Patanjali – The Father of Yoga

Maharishi Patanjali - The Father of Yoga
  • Ashwamedha Yagya of Pushyamitra Sunga was also performed.
  • Maharishi Patanjali is considered an incarnation of Sheshnag.
  • Patanjali was a great doctor. Patanjali is also considered the father of yoga.
  • Raja Bhoj has called him a doctor of mind along with the body.
  • Ramachandra Dixit, the poet of the Dravidian country, has expressed the possibilities of some new facts regarding his character in his poetic treatise called Patanjali Charit, according to him, Shukracharya’s grandfather Guru Acharya God was a disciple of Patanjali.
  • He has also been given the title of the originator of Yoga Shastra. and is one of the six philosophies of Hinduism, he established 195 sutras of yoga, which are the foundation pillars of yoga philosophy, the practice of reading these sutras is called ‘Bhashya’. Patanjali has shown the importance of Ashtanga Yoga.

Great Creations of Maharishi Patanjali – The Father of Yoga

lord vishnu
  • Patanjali is considered to be the pioneer of Charaka Samhita. He also wrote Yogasutra.
  • Patanjali was a special teacher of chemistry science, asbestos, metal yoga, and iron science are the result of these.
  • Patanjali’s only composition is enough to make his master’s work immortal.
  • It is said that Maharishi Patanjali has given Yoga Sutras for Chitta purification. And Grammar great language for voice purification, Vedic scripture Charaka Samhita for body purification.

Divine stories related to Maharishi Patanjali

Maharishi Patanjali - The Father of Yoga
  • Once all the gods went to Lord Vishnu, he folded his hands to God and prayed that Lord Aap Dhanwantari came to us and cured the ills of the people. But now take some measures to remove negative feelings like hate in people. Then Lord Vishnu assured the gods that I will incarnate on earth and teach people yoga.
lord shiva
  • Once Lord Shiva began to dance richly. Lord Vishnu felt the dance of Lord Shiva. And got lost in it, then Lord Vishnu started growing his size and when he started increasing his size Sheshnag was very upset then Sheshnag said to Lord Vishnu, Lord, how did you do this and I too have to learn this. Then Lord Vishnu said that this is the power of yoga.
  • Lord Vishnu then gave a boon to Sheshnag that she would fulfill his wish. On earth, there was a yogini named Gonika. She was giving Anjali to God. And was praying to God that God should fulfill his desire to have children. Then Lord Vishnu appeared and blessed him to fulfill his wish. And when Goddess was giving Anjali To Suryanarayana. Then she saw a snake baby in his palm. Then she turned into a human in a while and they were the same Maharishi Patanjali was the one who gave the Yoga Sutra.

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