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We have already written an article about Mandukasana one. Today we will practice Mandukasana 2.

‘Manduk’ means frog. In its practice, the shape of our body becomes like a frog.

Steps Of Mandukasana 2

Mandukasana 2 The Most Powerful Yoga In Diabetes

(1) For its practice, ‘Vajra Asana’ will come in its place.

(2) After coming in Vajrasana, keep your left hand on the stomach.

(3) And put the right hand on top of it on the stomach.

(4) And you will take a long breath, keep exhaling the breath, keep pulling the stomach in.

(5) While pressing the stomach with the hand, the whole will move forward.

(6) The stomach is fully pressed with the hand. Put the chest above the knee. and neck up. After coming here, the speed of breathing will continue as normal.

(7) And now come back slowly while inhaling. And then go into the position of Vajrasana.

Know More Mandukasana 2 (Frog Poae)

Mandukasana 2 The Most Powerful Yoga In Diabetes

(1) ‘Manduk asana’ can be practiced normally two to five times. And the body can be kept still for 20 seconds to 60 seconds each time.

(2) Immediately after or Before ‘Manduk Asana’, do Camel Asana, Ardha Camel Asana, Bhujangasana, Ardha Chakrasana, or any other backward bending exercise.

(3) In its practice, all the pressure will remain on the internal muscles and internal organs of the abdomen and all the stretch will be on the back and neck on the two parts of the body.

Mandukasana Benefits

Mandukasana 2 The Most Powerful Yoga In Diabetes

(1) If we talk about the benefits, then the practice of ‘Manduk Asana’ is especially beneficial for the stomach.

(2) Air disorders, gas formation, stomach not being cleaned properly, constipation problem, frequent pain in the stomach, feeling bloated after taking food, digestion of food is not related to these types of the stomach problem Its practice is beneficial in diseases and in problems.

(3) And for an enlarged stomach, it can be practiced to reduce abdominal obesity.

(4) After this its practice is also beneficial to practice for the patient with diabetes.

(5) When this asana is practiced, all the pressure falls on the pancreas, the liver, the kidney, and other organs. Due to which the pancreas becomes active and is able to do its work easily. And gradually the process of becoming insulin starts improving. And when insulin is made properly, then the diabetic patient will get benefit from his problem.


As a precaution, take so much care that if there is any serious disease related to the stomach and back, do not practice it.

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