Meditation gives you your identity, enhances your will power, makes you determined, increases your memory, reduce stress, gives a new thought to improve your relationship.

What is Meditation?

Meditation - A Way to Recognize Yourself
  • This Meditation means knowing your self who I am.
  • Meditation is a practice, for that meditator uses a technique.
  • Meditation means keeping quiet and peaceful.
  • And It is a process just feel yourself don’t fight with your thought
  • It means to give your attention to one thing or mantra or technique.
  • It means focusing your mind on one thing and find out the answer who am I?
  • Meditation needs awareness, trust, passion.

Benefits of Meditation

  • And It changes your life completely and turns your life around.
  • It means to gain the power of the subconscious mind
  • It strengthens the connection between our subconscious mind and the conscious mind.
  • Many studies are being done on meditation and it is coming to know that meditation affects every part of our life.
  • When you regularly do a few months of meditation, you will feel some changes in you, such as increasing confidence, fearlessness.
  • It increases your metabolism and helps you achieve the perfect weight.
  • Stresses greatly reduce feelings like anxiety and fear. One should be aware of meditation.
  • It also helps you get rid of bad habits. A part of the brain is DPC ( dorsolateral Prefrontal cortex ) This part is responsible for your will power. Many studies have found that meditation is your Enhances will power.
  • It improves your health along with all these benefits.

Effects on Brain

  • Your brain’s left hemisphere is for your learning ability. If this part of your brain is healthy, then you can understand anything well if you feel that you have difficulty in understanding things, then you start mediation and in just a few days your power of understanding is strong.
  • It also doubles the PCC ( posterior cingulate cortex) of your brain. This part of the brain gives you the power to control your thoughts. Meaning, you keep running thoughts directly in your brain or if you are unable to control thoughts, then you should do meditation, this increases the power to control your thoughts and your mind will remember the same things that work for you. It will increase your focus and concentration and you will be able to do every work in an efficient way.
  •  Temporoparietal junction (TPJ ) controls your inner feeling and emotions is responsible for your feeling of other words control the feelings and emotions inside you, it is responsible for the feeling of your kindness.
  • It strengthens the TPJ. Meditation increases the good parts of the mind such as mercy forgives and reduces the bed parts such as hatred.
  • In our brain, there is a part named Amygdala which is responsible for our inner fear, anxiety, stress. If you do meditation, Amygdala of your brain reduces the cell volume of Amygdala and it reduces the anxiety, stress, fear, tension in you, it removes the bad feelings inside you.

Sara Lazar had experimented with Howard University

Brain power
  • It changes our brain not only psychologically but also physically, it means that it changes the size of our brain, yes it is a bit strange to hear but scientifically approved.
  • In 2011, Sara Lazar had experimented with Howard University. It was found out that after 8 weeks of meditation, the size of our brain physically changes and the bed parts of your brain become smaller and the good parts are there Grow up.

How to do meditation for beginners?

  • It should be done under the guidance of the Guru.
  • Before starting meditation you should decide the goal, It may be inner peace, to know yourself or Moksha.
  • The seat should be warm and clean while meditating.
  • Sit in a Padmasana position with your back straight while meditating
  • patience should be exercised while meditating
  • Awareness, passion, and trust are the most important three things while you are meditating

Goal of Meditation

  • Different people have different goals in meditation.
  • And It is also done for peace of mind.
  • It is also used to find out Who I am and the purpose of mine.
  • It is also done for the attainment of God.
  • Mostly is also done for moksha.
  • Moksha means that one is free from the cycle of birth and death.

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